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WARNING: Untagged spoilers ahead. Read at your own risk.

Trivia Tropes:

  • Alternate Universe: Thomas Sanders has officially established one universe for the Sanders Shorts series and another one for the Sanders Sides series. In the Sanders Shorts universe, he has the Teacher Guy, the Dad Guy, the Prince Guy, several Anxiety Guys and other characters like Sleep, Brain, and many others. These characters are completely independent from Logan, Patton, Roman and Virgil, and each group of characters follows their own continuity and has their own personality traits and tropes. More so, Thomas has also announced that there will be no kind of interaction between each universe for the time being, so, even though it has been repeatedly requested by many Fanders, Sleep will not appear on Sanders Sides until further notice.
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  • Approval of God: Both Thomas and Joan have stated that they enjoy that their art can inspire more art in turn. While they do not read fanfiction because they don't want external sources to influence what they have planned for the series (even though Joan said that if and when Sanders Sides should come to an end, they plan to binge-read all of these fanfics afterwards), they do watch animatics, animations and other forms of arts, they share them and give recognition to them. In fact, for the Duke's Song sequence, they got some visual inspiration from some of these animatics made by fans of the series and credited them in the YouTube description of the episode.
  • Author Phobia: Thomas has arachnophobia, that is, a huge fear of spiders. Spiders in turn are a mortal enemy for Patton.
  • Creator Breakdown: In 2017, Thomas went through a painful romantic break-up. To help him release his feelings and ease his pain, Joan, inspired on Thomas' story, wrote the two-part episode "Moving On" from "Sanders Sides" where the Sides try to help Thomas find a way to move on after a break-up.
  • Creator's Favorite:
    • Thomas enjoys playing Virgil, but has the most fun with Patton and Roman.
    • Joan's is Logan but they admit that all of the characters are growing on them.
    • Talyn's is Patton.
    • Davi's is Janus.
  • Creator's Favorite Episode: Counting only episodes from season 1 and early season 2, which is when they said the following:
    • Thomas' favorite episode from "Sanders Sides" is "Making Some Changes!", since he was able to direct his friends and see them act as his characters.
    • Joan's favorite episodes are "Am I Original?", "Fitting In (Hogwarts Houses!)", and "Accepting Anxiety". They also have a special place in their heart for "Alone on Valentine's Day" because it was the first episode they wrote with Thomas.
  • Crossover: The original intention of the first episode, when it was released as a one-off vlog with no hope for continuity, was to create a crossover between Thomas Sanders' most successful fiction series from the Sanders Shorts, the "School Vines" series starring the Teacher Guy, the "I Shall Be a Great Dad" and "Dad Jokes Become Legit" series starring the Dad Guy, and the untitled Prince Guy series. These three characters joined together, originally just for that one, but the success of that vlog led to a second installment with the Dad Guy, and then an even more successful third one introducing Anxiety that finally spelled the creation of the long-term Sanders Sides series we know today. Word of God Retcon established that the Sanders Sides only take the appearance of the Sanders Shorts characters, they're not the same characters, but that was clearly not the original intention on the early episodes, where characters, even though they still represented aspects of Thomas' personality, were the same characters from Vine in all senses. Notably, in "Way Too Adult", when Patton appears, Thomas says "my Dad character", in "Taking on Anxiety...", Thomas calls Roman "Prince Dude", and in "The Mind vs. The Heart", Logan and Patton were called "Dad Guy" and "Teacher Dude". All of these are alternate names for the Shorts characters that, as the series went on, started being avoided on Sanders Sides, preferring the simple "Dad", "Princey" and (sporadically) "Teacher" or "Teach" for Patton, Roman and Logan.
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  • Directed by Cast Member: Thomas has directed himself in many episodes, particularly on the first age of the series when he did them on his own. After Joan joined the series, they have helped Thomas in delivering lines or plainly co-directed with Thomas for many instances, and some episodes like Nightmare instead of Christmas have even been completely directed by Joan alone.
  • Enforced Method Acting:
    • Thomas mentioned that he usually filmed Virgil's scenes last, since Virgil wears heavy makeup that's hard to get all the way off. By then, Thomas was usually exhausted and ready to quit — which actually works out very well, since Virgil is much more low-key and grouchy than the other characters.note 
    • In "Dealing With Intrusive Thoughts," Thomas was actually tearing up while playing Virgil during his confession (about having been a Dark Side)... because it was such a big moment for the series that the crew had been working up to for over 18 months. He also compared Virgil's energy in that moment with the moment someone decides to come out of the closet, specifically mentioning that once you reveal something so personal, it's out there and there's no turning back, and he channeled these emotions into Virgil's "coming out".
  • Fan Nickname:
    • After Patton coined it, it's common to hear Virgil being referred to as "Dark strange son".
    • It's also common to affectionately shorten Deceit's name to "Dee". "Slimy boi" is also common after Thomas insulted him that way.
    • Remus is officially known as "Trash baby".
    • Roman and Remus are often called the "Creativitwins".
  • I Knew It!:
    • This theory predicted "Why Do We Get Out of Bed in the Morning?" accurately.
    • In "Dealing With Intrusive Thoughts," Virgil reveals he's a former Dark Side. Cue 99% of the Fanders screaming "CALLED IT!"
    • This tumblr post predicted Deceit's true name right the same day he was revealed.
  • Irony as She Is Cast: Thomas is an accomplished singer, but he can sing not so good, or plainly horribly bad if required by the script.
    • Unless he feels motivated by something related with Crofter's, Logan hates singing, and sings out of tune when he tries, prefering to rap instead. Joan commented in a blooper that Thomas' out-of-tune voice as Logan "sounds like a robot".
  • Prop Recycling: Several garments from Sanders Sides had already been utilized by Thomas long before the series even existed.
    • Deceit's yellow gloves are a garment that had already been utilized by Thomas Sanders in the Sanders Shorts series, when he played Fix-It Felix in a Halloween Vine in 2013, here.
    • Roman's samurai sword was used as early as August 2013 in one of the "Life as a Video-game" Vines. The sword, though, is much older, as Thomas used it for the first time when he played Ko-Ko on a stage production of Hot Mikado in 2007 and the director gave it to him as a present after the show ended. Roman's first season outfit was also from a stage play Thomas was part of, Into the Woods, in 2014, from when he played the Cinderella Prince. When he started borrowing it for the Prince Guy shorts, the costumer gave it to him as a present.
    • In June 2013, as part of Sanders Shorts, Thomas released his first ever mini-series, a series of five Vines titled Love Is in the Air, co-starring fellow Viner Ima Pube, who in turn also released five more Vines featuring him in the character. In these shorts Thomas portrayed an extremely nerdy character with a red bowtie and black framed glasses. If someone looks back at these Vines and thinks these glasses look familiar... they'd be right: that nerd character used for the first time in front of the camera the very same Warby Parker glasses that are now part of Patton's and Logan's outfits. here is one of the episodes from these series.
  • Queer Character, Queer Actor: Thomas Sanders has confirmed to be gay, and character Thomas, and all of the Sides, are gay too.
  • Real Life Writes the Plot: Events that occur in Thomas' real life are frequently mentioned/focused on in episodes of Sanders Sides.
  • Schedule Slip: "Putting Others First" was originally meant to be released in March 2020, but due to some complications and the COVID-19 pandemic, Thomas was forced to delay the production and release it on May the 1st instead.
  • Teasing Creator:
    • Thomas and Joan mentioned that the Sides' outfits were going to be updated in a Q&A video shortly after season 1 finale. The outfits would be updated in the following episode, released a month and a half later.
    • In the 2018 VidCon Q&A, it was mentioned that Deceit has a name and that there were two more Dark Sides in the works.
    • In the thumbnail of "Putting Others First", there's a character selection screen displaying 4 characters. Virgil, Janus, Remus and... a grey silhouette which looks suspiciously like Thomas, hinting that there's one last Side to be revealed.
      • On that note, during the Mortal Kombat/Beat 'Em Up-style segment of the video, we see the numbers "07734" above Thomas' health bar in orange. If these numbers are shown in a seven-segment display and flipped around (you can replicate this on any old-school calculator), the displayed numbers ressemble the word "hello".
  • Throw It In!: As the various blooper videos demonstrate, sometimes an ad-libbed or even flubbed line turns out to be an improvement on the script as written and appears in the finished product. Some examples:
    • The second part of Roman's line of "Sorry, I'm not thinking straight... ever. I'm not straight!" in "Moving On: Part 2" was allegedly just a line Thomas ad-libbed and it was kept in.
    • The same happened with the last part of the line "Oh, my gosh, I will kill both of you, with my bare hands... and this sword!" in "Learning New Things About Ourselves."
    • Also from "Learning New Things About Ourselves," Thomas stumbled a bit over Patton's line "Fleece...fleece cumpleaños" and it was deemed in-character enough to use.
    • In "Dealing With Intrusive Thoughts," Logan's bewildered "What are you ta...what are you talking...what are you talking about?" was the result of Thomas feeling like he was going to sneeze while recording the line.
  • Trolling Creator: In the VidCon Q&A, when asked for his given name, Deceit just kept giving random answers. To no one's surprise.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • According to a tumblr ask from Joan (who is the co-writer for the Sanders Sides), Deceit was supposed to be the second Dark Side to be revealed. The livestreams reveal that the first Dark Side was supposed to be Remus.
    • In the VidCon Q&A, Virgil was considered to be named "Payton" since they think that he and Patton are "two sides of the same coin" and "Ethan" after ethos/ethical appeals.
    • "Selfishness V. Selflessness" was written as part one of a longer two-part story arc. It was going to have "Part 1" added to the title, but that was scrapped to avoid confusion, as "Dealing with Intrusive Thoughts" was going to be released between both parts of that story. The second part of the story, which was released 13 months after the first, was titled "Putting Others First" and had the subtitle "Selfishness v. Selflessness Redux" added to make the connection clear, as well as a short recap of Selfishness v. Selflessness added as a prologue for the episode.
  • The Wiki Rule: This wikia dedicated to the Sanders Sides series.
  • Word of God: In one of his livestreams, Thomas said that Lily Singh appearing in his "Dealing with Anxiety" video was just a "Mind Palace" version of her.

General Trivia Facts:

  • Joan started co-writing the Sanders Sides series on the 8th episode, "Alone On Valentine's Day!".
  • Talyn, who had already been present in the series as an editor and making props among other tasks (they made the laptop prop that Logan throws at Thomas' head), stepped in as a makeup artist for Virgil's eyeshadow in "Accepting Anxiety: Part 2". Initially, they were going to do makeup in that episode only (to apply the effect of the eyeshadow gradually appearing on the other Sides); however, the new look on Virgil was so highly praised that Talyn remained doing Virgil's makeup permanently, replacing Thomas, who did his own makeup earlier with an eye pencil.
  • In the first installments, the Sanders Sides series was untitled, and the Sanders Sides at first did not have an official group name, being simply called by their individual nicknames or with the "My Personality" group name. The name "Sanders Sides" was gradually introduced out of universe after a few installments, but it wouldn't be up until episode 9 from season 1, "My Personality Q&A", when the first partially in-universe reference to them would be as "Sanders Sides", in the hashtag that Thomas uses to receive questions for the Sides, #AskSandersSides (oddly enough, as the title still referred to them with the old "My Personality", in the last use of this term).note  The first completely in-universe mention of the term "Sanders Sides" would be one episode later, in "Am I Original?" when Thomas says that Virgil had been so chill "in the last couple of Sanders Sides videos" and Virgil answers "Sometimes I just gotta be me... an." The title wouldn't appear on-screen, though, up until the beginning of season two, "Fitting In".

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