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  • Actor-Shared Background: Both Sami Zayn and Rami Sebei are vegan.
  • Demand Overload: EVOLVE's website crashed when it was reported he was returning to the promotion. Unfortunately for all the hopefuls, he wasn't actually on the show, just watching it.
  • Fake Nationality: Why is the Syrian-Canadian trilingual guy playing a Mexican luchador? Rule of Funny. Generico's Spanish is fairly limited, so he didn't have to do it too often.
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  • He Also Did: Has started a by-all-accounts blossoming second career as an improv comedian.
  • Lying Creator: All wrestlers have some degree of adherence to kayfabe, but Rami Sebei has maintained kayfabe for his entire career. He has never once admitted publicly that he has portrayed both El Generico and Sami Zayn, and keeps his private life completely separate from the ring. Whereas with other wrestlers (especially those who work for WWE), fans have seen their real-life family, spouses or children, there were only vague rumors that Sebei was married until his appearance (with his wife) on Renee Young's Regular Girls podcast in August 2019. The rest of his family has never been shown onscreen.
  • Production Posse: Zayn, Kevin Steen, Jimmy Jacobs, Seth Rollins, and The Young Bucks have worked together in numerous promotions from 2005 to the present day.
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  • Real Life Writes the Plot: Both of his shoulder injuries seem to have derailed big plans. The first one, prompted by him being too excited for his debut, was during a match with John Cena that he finished, but very clearly brought a stop to his NXT feud with Kevin Owens.
  • Real Song Theme Tune: El Generico's was "Ole" by the Bouncing Souls. It still gets chanted at Zayn.
  • Those Two Actors: If you're watching a Zayn/Generico match, it's practically a certainty that Kevin Steen/Owens will either be teaming with him or opposing him.

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