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Trivia / Sam & Max

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The Franchise as a Whole

The Games

  • Abridged Series: Found here.
  • The Other Darrin: Andrew Chaikin plays Max in Episode 101, but (apparently due to health reasons) was replaced by William Kasten. As of Season 3, Chaikin is back, but instead of playing Max, he plays The Narrator. Which is kind of playing Max anyway — the Narrator is actually Max's long-dormant superego. As of Poker Night 2, Max's voice actor changed once more to Dave Boat.
  • What Could Have Been: The trailer and assorted leaked clips for the canceled sequel are floating around on YouTube. Prior to that, a different splinter studio of ex LucasArts people, Infinite Machine, were working on concepts for a game titled Sam & Max Plunge Through Space, but they went bankrupt before it went into production.


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