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Trivia / Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary

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  • Actor Allusion: Cancer Deathmask not only looks like Jack Sparrow, he's also voiced by the same VA who dubs him in Japanese.
  • Fan Nickname: The One-Winged Angel version of Saga towards the end has been renamed Sagazilla.
  • Role Reprisal: Most foreign dubs keep their original dub casts with very few changes. The Mexican Spanish dub deserves a very special mention: Not only does it keep the original voice cast of the Bronze Saints, Athena and most of the Gold Saints intact, but Mitsumasa Kido's Mexican VA is voiced by the son of the voice actor who voiced him in the original series, since his father died several years after finishing dubbing the series.
    • Milo and Aquarius were voiced by the same actor (or Aioria's, once) in the Mexican dub of the original series. Now that Milo is a woman…
    • The Italian dub keeps the original voices of the Bronze Saints plus Saori, Aioria, Shaka and Shura, while Aldebaran, Deathmask, Camus and Aphrodite have their voice actors from the Hades Chapter.
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  • The Other Darrin: The movie sports a completely different voice cast in the Japanese version from the TV series and other adaptations.

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