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  • Creator Backlash: KrisRix has noted that she finds a lot of the humor dated, unfunny, and offensive just for the sake of it.
  • The Danza: In episode 17, Megami33 and KrisRix voice a pair of animators named Corinne and Kris.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: With the combination of the original channel getting terminated by Toei, SMA's Blip channel getting taken down during one of Blip's purges, and the SMA Series channel increasingly coming under attack (largely due to Viz plucking the Sailor Moon license out of limbo), much of SMA's content has become difficult to find. Fortunately, Megami33 is aware of this and has stated that she is attempting to archive as much content as she can and get it mirrored before the hammer falls. The series' main channel was once again hit and all of the episodes were removed. Were it not for the archived link on the main page to the official website which contains links to unlisted re-uploads of basically everything they've ever done, the series as a whole would've been completely lost.
  • Missing Episode: Quite a few videos were lost when Megami33's original Youtube account was deleted, mostly stuff for the fans. As far as actual content goes, the bloopers for episodes 19-21 have yet to resurface on any of the current accounts for the series.
    • The SMA Remix Ad (which gleefully rips apart DiC's Sailor Moon pitch reel) was thought lost for years until it resurfaced at the beginning of 2015.
    • The Sailor Moon S movie "Hearts of Ice" was completed enough that a "work-in-progress version" was shown at the Otakon 2011 convention, with a Youtube release date set for "after the Season 2 finale"/late December 2011. Unfortunately, a finished version of the movie never appeared online. At this point, the workprint is either considered lost forever, or the crew simply has no desire to ever officially release it.
    • Episode 39 has been wiped off the internet (at least for now) after Viz claimed copyright on it, though a copy has recently surfaced (see the recap page).
    • All of the SMA Bloopers episodes have been missing since the purging of their Blip channel.
  • The Other Darien:
    • Just like the original Canadian dub, Darien has gone through three voices over the course of this series… MaxSkate2001 was the original voice, but Roll002 filled in a few times. Starting with Episode 30, Roll took over the part permanently… until Episode 43. After that, EvilChicken25 took over until the series stopped production.
    • Megami and Roll traded off the part of Sammy, seemingly at random.
    • Judgement915 briefly took over Sailor Jupiter in Episode 26/27 while Roll002 was recovering from mono.
    • Sailor Moon REMIX did this intentionally. Some characters (Mercury, Zoicite) switched VA's, while the others were played by their normal VA's using completely different voices.
  • Schedule Slip:
    • A rather serious computer crash delayed The Movie six weeks past its scheduled airdate of New Year's Day 2010.
    • After Season One ended, a combination of work, college, and moving caused updates to slow to a grinding halt, before SMA ultimately declared they've stopped the series.
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  • Screwed by the Network: Megami33's account got suspended on October 26, 2010 due to copyright claims. And in November 2013, the Blip account was suspended. Now that Viz Media has the North American rights to the series, SMA's Youtube channel has come under fire again. Thus far Viz has blocked Episodes 50 and 51, and it may be only a matter of time before the SMA Series channel goes the way of Megami33's original one.
  • Talking To Herself:
    • Megami33 plays both Serena and Luna (and Sammy, Mrs. Tsukino, Haruna...), so the first few episodes are basically all her. KrisRix voices Mercury, Mars, Venus, Molly, Andrew, Queen Beryl, and Zoicite. Naturally Kris has a lot of scenes that are mostly or entirely her. Listen closely in certain episodes and you can hear her switching between characters (usually Amy to Raye) on the fly.
    • Kris's sheer number of characters leads to inevitable problems in figuring out which of her characters is supposed to be saying a line.
  • Throw It In!: According to the bloopers, Zoicite's line, "Oh my God: it's a fight scene!" in episode 21, was done on the spot by KrisRix.
  • Voices in One Room: Unusually for an Abridged Series, the SMA cast (at least the core group) all recorded together, which is made abundantly clear in the blooper reels. Unfortunately, this is also a major reason why production slowed to a crawl before stopping altogether – they've moved apart and don't have the time to regroup to record the final planned episode, though they'd like to.
  • What Could Have Been: Had the series not ended early, in addition to finishing the Doom Tree Arc, both the Sailor Moon S movie (named Hearts in Ice) and the Sailor Moon Super S movie (no details given) were supposed to Abridged by the crew. In addition, while they have stated outright they were not planning on doing any additional episodes after the Doom Tree, they were not opposed to releasing little snippets from the second half of Sailor Moon R, specifically of Prince Diamond and his lackies just to show 'what a massive tool he was'.

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