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  • Name's the Same: Otto Kruger (Tobin) and Alma Kruger (Mrs. Sutton) were not related.
  • Old Shame: Alfred Hitchcock didn't care much for the film. He was annoyed that he couldn't get the casting choices he wanted.
  • Unintentional Period Piece: Bones comparing the arguments of the circus performers to the fractured opinions over the current world situation, and the democracy-versus-fascism debate between Kane and Tobin, clearly mark it as a product of the period just after the United States entered World War II. Apparently, those scenes were Dorothy Parker's main contributions to the screenplay.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Alfred Hitchcock originally wanted Gary Cooper for the male lead, with Harry Carey as the chief villain. Robert Donat and Joel McCrea were also considered for the lead.
    • Hitchcock originally wanted Margaret Sullavan or Barbara Stanwyck for the leading female role.
    • At one point, Hitchcock was going to have his Creator Cameo be as the husband of the old couple who watch Barry as he forces Pat into the car, with Dorothy Parker as the wife, but decided against it.


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