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Trivia / SNK vs. Capcom

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  • What Could Have Been: In a 2017 interview, former King of Fighters director Toyohisa Tanabe strongly implied that a third Capcom vs. SNK title actually was in the early stages of development at one point, but had ultimately been cancelled. Going off what was said, it seems that the third game would've broken from the visual style of the first two entries and actually been a 3D fighter in the vein of Rival Schools or Street Fighter EX. According to Tanabe, the 3D assets developed for the game prior to its cancellation were ultimately repurposed for Capcom Fighting All-Stars, which, ironically enough, also wound up being scrapped. In 2021, Capcom director Hideaki Itsuno finally confirmed that there had indeed been plans for a third Capcom vs. SNK game for the PS2 (which would have been the first in the series to use 3D graphics) after the release of CVS2, but that SNK's bankruptcy had led to it going unmade.