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  • Accidentally Correct Writing: "The Saga Begins" was written entirely by searching for spoilers of The Phantom Menace online. After attending a costly pre-screening for charity, Al discovered most of it was right and his lyrics only needed minor changes!
  • Approval of God:
    • When the people at Lucasfilm heard "The Saga Begins," they sent Al an email saying that he "should have seen the smile" on George Lucas's face. The music video was even included as a bonus feature (part of a compilation of Star Wars spoofs) on the 2011 bluray box set of the prequel trilogy.
    • Don McLean also highly spoke about "The Saga Begins", mainly because his kids were huge fans of Al. He admitted that he would accidentally sing Al's lyrics instead of his own when he performed "American Pie" live for a time.
  • Rarely Performed Song: In a 2015 interview, Al stated that he no longer performs "Jerry Springer" live due to its frequent use of terms now recognized as slurs. He also avoids performing the popular "Albuquerque" because its 12-minute Epic Rocking length and extensive passages of comedic yelling and screaming put a strain on his vocal cords, saving it for special occasions (namely, when he is performing in Albuquerque, New Mexico), though he did bring it back into regular rotation for both Ridiculously Self Indulgent tours.
  • Similarly Named Works: This album shares the same name as the company that makes the Postal games.
  • Technology Marches On: "It's All About the Pentiums" almost squeaks by, because so many of the specs Al boasts about are either still a long way from becoming the norm (a flatscreen monitor 40 inches widenote ) or just absurd by any era's standards (a hundred gigabytes of RAMnote )... the only line that's completely unsalvageable even with creative editing is... well, the title line. The Pentium brand was discontinued in 2006 before being retooled as a low-end budget processor, losing its top-of-the-line implications.
  • Throw It In: The very off-key note that concludes "Albuquerque," as well as the chuckle that follows, was this.
  • What Could Have Been: Al originally had a few candidates in mind that were all current Billboard hits to base "The Saga Begins" on. However, as he thought it through, it occured to him that something as culturally big as Star Wars deserves something grand as a parody, which was completely absent in the bubblegum-like hits of 1999. The line "A long, long time ago" from "American Pie" soon floated in his head, and a song choice was determined (which also fit in with the "classic song + recent movie" methodology of "Yoda" and "Jurassic Park").