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     Running Man Live Action 
  • All-Star Cast: All the main members of the cast have had previous success in various Korean entertainment prior to Running Man (though only some had prior experience on variety shows):
    • Yoo Jae-suk made his previous fame as a comedian and host of several successful variety shows such as X-Man and Infinite Challenge, enough to have been called "the nation's MC" by the time Running Man began.
    • Ji Suk-jin also made his initial fame as a comedian and MCs, also branching out into music (mainly Korean Drama OSTs)
    • Haha is a recording artist and had appeared in several previous variety shows.
    • Kim Jong-kook was one half of the 90's K-Pop duo Turbo and has had an overall-successful musical career as a solo artist. Recently, he has also gotten Turbo back together as a Trio.
    • Gary is one-half of the hip-hop duo LeesSang, and has recently launched a solo musical career as a rapper.
    • Song Ji-hyo is a TV and film actress.
    • Lee Kwang-soo and former cast member Song Joong-ki are also both actors.
  • Follow the Leader:
    • China produced their own version, Hurry Up, Brother. The Chinese and Korean versions have a couple of crossover episodes.
  • Un-Canceled: Preemptively. On 14 December 2016 SBS announced that Kim Jong-Kook and Song Ji-Hyo would be let go and a Season 2 would be launched with the four remaining cast members (Gary had left two months prior to focus on his music career) plus Kang Ho-dong. Reaction was negative, especially after it was revealed that none of the cast members themselves were previously notified of the decision. The cast held an emergency meeting two days later and announced that they would stick together to make a Grand Finale to air the following February. The series itself became Un-Canceled on January 24, after the new VP of SBS Entertainment Headquarters Nam Seung-yong (who had first planned the series way back in 2010) met individually with each of the members and offered his apologies for the whole controversy; the cast agreed to continue the program as it stood.

     Running Man Animated Series 
  • Foreign Language Theme: The Korean version of "It's Running Time" by EXO-CBX is dubbed into English by Bradley Owens. However, the Ending Theme by Seen, "Someday", is played as an instrumental instead in Cartoon Network Asia.

  • Banned in China: The episodes released in YouTube are actually Region Blocked in other countries.


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