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Trivia / Rune Factory 4

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  • Creator's Favorite: Yoshifumi Hashimoto, producer of the Rune Factory series, has stated that Amber is his favorite character in Rune Factory 4. On the English side, the translator Tom Lipschultz declared Xiao Pai his favorite and put a lot of work into her dialogue as a result.
  • Fan Nickname: Dylas gets called "Pony" quite often on message boards.
  • Name's the Same:
  • No Export for You: Although initially planned for a European release, said release was ultimately cancelled. No immediate reason was given, though it may have had something to do with Neverland Co. closing down shortly before. It eventually got a digital release on the eShop, but those hoping for a physical copy are out of luck. The Switch version luckily did not suffer this fate.
  • The Other Darrin: For the release of the Switch version, Vic Mignogna did not reprise his role as Vishnal, likely due to the sexual harassment controversy surrounding him from the previous year. He's replaced by Michael Sinterniklaas.
  • Relationship Voice Actor: The game teams up quite a few Bravely Default cast, with Lest being Tiz, Forte being Agnès, Amber being Edea, and Margaret being Airy. Additionally, taking Special into account Vishnal is Yew (in both languages).
  • What Could Have Been: Minerva, Tabatha's sister from Rune Factory Frontier, was considered as a returning character/bachelorette. However, since Raven and Barrett were both making appearances as well, she was left out to keep newcomers from feeling like they had to have played older games in the series.
    • Early game screenshots reveal that Lest had green hair early in development. He was later changed to blond in order to make him and Frey different characters, as opposed to mirrored counterparts.


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