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  • Shrug of God: There is zero confirmation that Raguna is Ivan's brother. Despite it being stated in an interview that both are related to the king the two's relation to one another is still only suggested.
  • What Could Have Been: There are a few unused assets hidden in the game files that hint at potential ideas that developers had.
    • There are hidden portraits and sprites of Zavier, Lukas, Camus, and Russell wearing wedding clothes. They were potentially going to be the rival marriage candidates for Mist, Rosetta, Melody, and Tori.
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    • There are multiple sprites that have a few of the villagers with alternate appearances: such as a Melody sprite that resembles the Witch Princess from the Harvest Moon series, and Felicity with short and medium-length hair.
    • There is an unused sprite of a nun, a person wearing a red hat, a person wearing a wolf pelt, and a sprite labeled as "Sechs Soldier".

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