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  • Celebrity Voice Actor: Well, e-celeb. Jeffery is voiced by the famous medibot.
  • Crosscast Role: It's evident that Georgio is a male (with a masculine name and getting a Beard of Sorrow and whatnot), but it's fairly obvious that he is played by a woman.
  • No Budget: Invoked. The game itself isn't this, but the production of the FMVs were. The developers gotten a cheap green screen and other props that were bought a party/costume store. Even the baby that was used for the married couple characters was just a cheap doll instead of being an actual baby. Regardless, the low budget props and effects add to the game's charm.
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  • Unlimited Wardrobe: All of Beth's outfits not entirely costumes, but actual clothes from Jillian Carol's wardrobe.

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