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  • The Other Darrin: Every single character was recast at least once over the course of the whole show. All the kids in the cast were recast after the first series and again after the second series, due to having aged. Tony was recast for the last two series due to the original actor having severe Parkinson's Disease. Nell was also recast for the last two series due to the original actor having terminal cancer (of which she died in 2000). Mark Mitchell replaced Frankie J Holden as Harold Gribble after the first series, and Matron Gribble was recast after the first series and again after the second series. Fay was recast for the third series and again for the fourth series. Finally Mr Snapper, who had been played by series producer Esben Storm, was recast for the fourth series.
    • Andrew S. Gilbert replaced Richard Moir as Tony Twist (Dad) in the third and fourth series.
  • Short Run in Peru: The first series was broadcast in the UK several months before it was shown in Australia due to concerns over content in its home country. It also aired for a short while in America (as part of the weekday afternoon FOX Kids line-up), but this was after the UK and Australia runs.
  • What Could Have Been: if it hadn't been for "Creative Differences", there could have been a Round The Twist movie instead of Series 3 and 4.
    • Frankie J. Holden declined to reprise his role as Mr. Gribble for the second series and onwards. Before Mark Mitchell took his place, other actors were considered for the role including Russell Gilbert, Glenn Robbins, John Jarratt, Peter Moon, Tom Oliver, Ross Higgins and Steve Vizard.
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    • British actor/comedian Rik Mayall (the same one from The Young Ones) expressed interest in a guest role in the second series.
  • Rereleased for Free: Twice, in fact, with a 4:3 upload in 2015-16 (both separate episodes and Omnibus videos) followed by a 16:9 reupload in 2019-20. Notably the title formula is different (Round The Twist | S1E1 | Skeleton On The Dunny for the first upload and Skeleton on the Dunny | Round the Twist - Season 1 Episode 1 (HD)note  for the second) and the reupload omits both opening and closing credits in favour of newly created title cards. For seasons 1-3 the 4:3 version is full frame whereas the 16:9 is crudely cropped, for season 4 the 16:9 version is correct whereas the 4:3 version is laterally compressed.
    • The Aspect Ratio difference is especially notable in "TV or Not TV" where all the in-story televisions are 4:3 CRT sets whose output already looks compressed. In the 2016 upload they are compressed again and so the humans look like stick figures.

Seasons 1 and 2:

  • Throw It In!: Tiger's commentating began as an ad-lib by Cameron Nugent, which worked so well that it was written into subsequent episodes even after he'd been recast.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • "Lucky Lips" was scripted to revolve around Gribble, a character much closer to Marcus, the jerkass protagonist of the short story. Paul Jennings was convinced to focus it on Pete instead, as nice guys can make dumb decisions. In addition, where the script would have ended with the protagonist being kissed by the female pigs, Jennings was convinced to Throw the Dog a Bone and have Pete get a consensual kiss from Fiona, followed by Gribble being chased by the fortune-teller who gave Pete the lipstick.
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    • An episode based on the short story "Frozen Stiff" was written but cancelled, due to the cost of freezing a horse and thirty other animals in blocks of ice. An episode based on "The Copy" was quickly thrown together instead, using Jennings' desire to focus an episode on Linda and Esben Storm's request to make use of the lighthouse set.
    • The first series was originally supposed to end the way the short story "Lighthouse Blues" had - Nell is killed while trying to stop the demolition, and her ghost joins those of her family to scare off the developers. Thanks to an Executive Veto, Paul Jennings was forced to rewrite it.

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