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Trivia / Rough Draft Studios

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  • Production Posse: Cartoon Network Studios uses Rough Draft a lot, as you can see on their website. (Which isn't updated with their more recent work on We Bare Bears and Steven Universe.
    • The Simpsons has used Rough Draft since season 4, over twenty years ago! Another Matt Groening production, Futurama, used Rough Draft exclusively for its entire seriesnote , including the Comedy Central seasons.
    • SpongeBob has used Rough Draft since the beginning.
    • Genndy Tartakovsky has also used Rough Draft in most of his projects.
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    • Nickelodeon uses them frequently for their cartoons as well.
  • What Could Have Been: Were involved with the production of Mega Man: Fully Charged at one point before production moved to DHX Media.

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