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  • Dueling Works: The anime episode "Curry and Vampire" with the Black Butler episodes "His Butler, Supremely Talented" and "His Butler, Competing". Character A (Mizore and Sebastion) lacks confidence in their ability to make curry, and briefly receives assistance from Character B (Ruby and Soma). Later, Character C (Apsara and the nameless competitor) use their own curry to turn the collective majority into zombie slaves. Character A uses an unorthodox method of making curry (Mizore serves it with ice crystals while Sebastion serves it in a bun, like a Hot Pocket) which everyone loves and is able to turn all of the curry zombies back to normal.
  • Fan Nickname: "Daddy Starbucks" for Moka and her sisters' unseen (except in the anime) and unnamed father, given the family Theme Naming
    • His name was later revealed to be Issa.
  • No Export for You: The DS and PS2 licensed games, unsurprisingly. Although due to both of them being visual novels, it's nearly impossible for non-Japanese speakers to find enjoyment from them.
  • Relationship Voice Actor: Fans of My Bride is a Mermaid will get deja vu listening to the leads in the dub.
  • Troubled Production: If you don't think the English dub of the anime had one, then consider this: the anime originally premiered in Japan in January of 2008, while the English dub was released in December of 2011, nearly four years later. The cause? Word of God is that some legal issues popped up concerning the Japanese licensors, although the details are still unclear.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Rosario + Vampire Wiki.


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