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Trivia / Romeo And Julieta

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  • Acting for Two: Almost all of the characters you see and hear are the same three guys. Utilized especially heavily during the party scene.
    • Patrick Arikaki voices the Narrator and doubles as Partygoer 3 (The one who picks Julieta up at the end).
    • Luke Mason is both Julieta and The Shopper/Partygoer 2. Oh, and the guy who makes the beep noise.
    • Rory Weber is Roméo, his killer Partygoer 1, and the pastor.
  • Casting Gag: Calvin Coolidge as the narrator in the second film. The resemblance between the pastor and Squidward didn't go unnoticed either.
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  • Word of God: The pastor's name is "Tikidude".

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