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Trivia / Romance of the Three Kingdoms

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The novel

  • Executive Meddling: The version used as the basis for the English translation is actually the 17th century version of the novel, extensively edited for readability by Mao Lun and his son, Mao Zhonggang. While the text overall improved as a result, Zhonggang excised some passages, sometimes lengthy ones, that dramatically changed the character of certain scenes in the novels. He even added a couple of passages, such as where Lady Sun drowns herself after observing the burning of the Shu army at Yiling (thinking that Liu Bei had perished in the fire), in order to cast her in the light of the romantic ideal of the Confucian wife. The Moss Roberts translation (the most common and most complete English translation) includes footnotes that tend to point out moments like this, however, and sometimes compares them to earlier, more secular, editions.
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  • Fan Nickname: Zhou Yu is referred to as a jaguar (美州狼) by the Chinese fandom because his nickname "美周郎" (Handsome Zhou) sounds exactly like it.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Romance of the Three Kingdoms Wiki.

The following relates to the video game series by Koei:

  • Bad Export for You: If you don't read Japanese or Mandarin, Koei will screw you over. English versions of the series are few and far in between. Even if they exist, the expansions (or "power kits") will almost never be released in English.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Good luck trying to buy the older games legally in this current time and age. Even if you can buy them, there's no guarantee that your system has backward compatibility capable of running the games. Koei itself has seldom expressed interest in updating the games for re-release in languages other than Japanese.
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  • No Export for You: The fifth and twelfth installments have never been released outside of Japan and it's unlikely that they'll get a re-release.
  • Schedule Slip: After XI, the release speed of the series slowed dramatically. XII was released more than 5 years later with no release outside of Japan, while XIII was released 4 years after XII. When compared to its direct predecessor in terms of gameplay (X), the delay was more than 10 years.


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