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Trivia / Roger Rabbit Shorts

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  • California Doubling: While "Tummy Trouble" was animated and filmed in Burbank, the other two were animated and filmed at what was then Disney-MGM Studios in Florida.
  • Creative Differences: The ownership of the characters between Disney and Amblin caused some tension between Steven Spielberg and Michael Eisner. Spielberg wanted Roller-Coaster Rabbit to play before Arachnophobia but Eisner had it play before Dick Tracy instead. The two men's inability to cooperate resulted in further shorts being canceled and the last one not coming out until three years later.
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  • Executive Meddling: Called for the removal of Ranger Jessica's buttons from her shirt in Trail Mix-Up when she leans down, as it was too suggestive even for that gag.
  • Missing Episode: Waiter, There's a Hare in My Soup, the un-produced short.
  • Stock Footage: One of Richard Williams' outtakes from Who Framed Roger Rabbit of his Droopy impression ("Gruesome, isn't it folks?") is used in the first cartoon.
  • What Could Have Been
    • One extremely ambitious gag was planned for Roller Coaster Rabbit in which Roger and Baby Herman would reach the peak of the huge drop on the rollercoaster, only to be stopped by a stop light. Cue every single character who had ever been in a Disney movie ever speeding by in an intersecting car. The animators unearthed all of the necessary model sheets and worked for weeks to get everyone to look just right and determine who sat where (Mickey and Minnie were going to sit in the front while Monstro the whale sat awkwardly in the back towering over everyone). However, the issue ultimately came down to timing: if it went too fast, the audience wouldn't have recognized everyone, but if it went too slow, it wouldn't be funny, so it was eventually dropped.
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    • As mentioned on the main page, there was going to be a fourth film, Hare In My Soup, had the other shorts been more successful. It would have played before Toy Story (Tummy Trouble was re-released instead).

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