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Meta Trivia

  • As stated in his All Time Favorite Albums video on The Mars Volta's Frances The Mute, Luke once belted out lyrics from "Cassandra Gemini" in front of two girls in an elevator. He cites the lyric "Twenty five snakes pour out your eyes" as one of the more embarrassing lines he sang.
  • A Thousand Suns by Linkin Park was the album that made Luke want to review albums, despite (or possibly because of) the fact that it's his least favorite album in their discography.
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  • He knows of his TV Tropes page, as a Troper told him of it on a Count Jackula stream.
  • Role Playing Games are Luke's favorite video game genre, and Final Fantasy VII is his favorite video game of all time.
  • He is Mormon.

Series Trivia

  • Missing Episode: His "Will We Ever Be Happy with Linkin Park?" video where he does his own retrospective on Linkin Park following the backdraft of One More Light (along with talking about Chester's infamous outburst comments) was privated/unlisted following Chester Bennington's tragic suicide.
  • Real Song Theme Tune: In the past, the show's theme song was "Your Time Has Come" by Audioslave. As of recent, the theme has been changed to "Tight Perm" by Silent Partner—a royalty-free song provided by YouTube.
  • Series Hiatus: After the news of Chester Bennington of Linkin Park committed suicide, Luke decided to delay the next Regretting the Past out of respect to focus on a video discussing Bennington's suicide (along with Chris Cornell's suicide) and urging fans to seek help if they feel depressed or suicidal.


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