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  • What Could Have Been: During his original run of Robin, Chuck Dixon ultimately planned for Tim Drake to move on to becoming Blue Beetle for a period of time. Dixon had set up foreshadowing by establishing Tim as a fan of Ted Kord, and giving Ted a heart condition that would make it more difficult for him to do strenuous crime-fighting. Tim would then take on the role, while Stephanie Brown would temporarily become Robin in his absence. Tim would then go back to being Robin, and the "Blue Beetle" name would be franchised out, with Ted Kord training other new Beetles.
    • Chuck Dixon had also planned for there to be a miniseries featuring Spoiler, after she was resurrected and brought back to the Robin title. However, the miniseries never came to pass due to another falling-out between Dixon and DC editorial.
    • When Alan Grant wrote the first issue of Batman introducing Anarky, it was shortly after the death of Jason Todd, and he planned for Anarky to become the next Robin. Plans to introduce Tim Drake were in the works, but Grant didn't know that until he pitched his idea to DC. Of course, YMMV on whether having Anarky as Robin would have been better or worse, but it would certainly have been different.
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  • In 1998, Wizard magazine ranked the series as the best ongoing comic book of the year.

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  • What Could Have Been: All the major storylines were cut short by the reboot:
    • When Marcus To was asked about Tim's Unternet costume mirroring Nightwing's costume:
      Marcus To: When Fabian told me that we were gonna do the Unternet story, initially I was gonna design a whole bunch of DC heroes and villains’ Unternet selves but when the book was cancelled we had to cut that story short and condense it to just that one issue to make with for the final issue. Tim’s costume was the first one I tried and I played off of Nightwing’s costume quite a bit knowing Tim doesn’t really create his own look and he always looks up to his elders. At least that’s my thinking.

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