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Trivia / Robert Pattinson

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  • Artist Disillusionment: He absolutely hates the Twilight series, disparaging it every chance he gets, as well as calling out the fans who find Edward Cullen attractive as "insane". He only took the part because it paid well and it gave him the opportunity to hit on Kristen Stewart.
  • Awesome, Dear Boy: Many of his post-Twilight roles are due to him wanting to work with directors of movies that impressed him. With Good Time, he was enamored after seeing a banner ad for the directors' previous film Heaven Knows What and even went as far as offering to cover catering.
    • Even in Twilight this trope was in play. While he made his disdain for the series well known, he stuck around because he got to make out with Kristen Stewart.
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  • The Cast Showoff: He's also a musician and contributed a couple songs to the Twilight soundtrack. He also had composer Carter Burwell teach him the piano piece "Bella's Lullaby" so he could actually play it instead of faking playing while that scene was filmed. His musicianship eventually got him a feature on the Death Grips song "Birds" and later singing "Willow" off the High Life soundtrack.
  • Creator Backlash: He's made it openly clear virtually everywhere that he despises Twilight, considers Stephenie Meyer insane and only did most of the films because of the money. It got to the point of him trashing the film in its own DVD Commentary. He seems to have mellowed out somewhat later on based on his interview in Gossip Cop. He implies the only reason he disliked working on the Twilight movies was because he didn't like playing the same character for five films, which ended up typecasting him, leaving him no variety in between movies.
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  • Dawson Casting: Zigzagged. Pattinson started the Twilight series at age 21 and ended it at age 24, playing a century-old vampire who has the body of a 17-year-old.
  • Fake American: As Edward in Twilight, Tyler in Remember Me, Jacob in Water for Elephants, and Bruce Wayne/Batman in The Batman.
  • I Am Not Spock: Twice! First as Cedric in Harry Potter, but then that was eclipsed by his role as Edward in Twilight. Notably, he is the only child actor from the former franchise to avert this so far. And becoming the next Batman is probably going to eclipse Edward as well.
  • Money, Dear Boy: He has made no secret of the fact that the pay check was half the reason he did Twilight at all. The other half was the chance to hit on Kristen Stewart.
    • His stated reason for returning to blockbuster acting after years of independent work is that with Indie films having much lower turnouts, and by extension revenues, than big-budget films he started to worry about how viable continuing the indie course would be.
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  • Name's the Same: No, he doesn't work for the Southport Visiter. That's another one, not the Twilight actor!
  • Romance on the Set: He dated his Twilight costar Kristen Stewart from 2009 to 2013.
  • Trolling Creator: Frequently says and does things solely for the purpose of riling people up, as seen with the Twilight and Batman fandoms.

Misc. Trivia

  • According to this story in The Hollywood Reporter, the process of casting him for Batman went really smoothly and quickly. Matt Reeves knew all along he wanted someone in his early thirties and was impressed by his meaty side roles so he kept Pattinson in the back of his mind before any formal outreach was made. Pattinson and Nicholas Hoult were the only two in serious contention once the casting process got underway in early 2019, compared to most superhero roles where the field is much bigger. Reeves and Warner Bros. liked Hoult but were hesitant about him having been in a big franchise for eight years, especially because he was in a Marvel property, X-Men Film Series. They liked that Pattinson had stayed away from franchises since Twilight ended and was more of a blank slate. Both men met with Reeves in sometime in April and screen tested the week of May 20th with deals already negotiated. The people at WB took a week to decide and formally offered him the role the next Thursday.
  • During an interview with Gamespot while promoting his Batman movie, Pattinson admits that he's played videogames since childhood, names Final Fantasy VII as one of his all-time favorite games and the character of Aerith Gainsborough as his "first love."