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  • Cast the Expert: Grant Page, who plays the villain, is better known as a professional stunt artist with a particular specialism in Car Fu.
  • Executive Meddling:
    • The film's ending, where the severed head falls into the mop bucket, was an afterthought. The distributors wanted the film to have a more shocking conclusion, so the production went back to shoot the final scene at the butcher's shop. Richard Franklin however, dislikes this ending, feeling that it was too tasteless.
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    • They also wanted to cut the 360 degree pan shot of Quid talking on the phone in the roadhouse. They felt the shot was too long and added nothing to the story. Franklin, however, refused to cut the shot.
    • An Australian actress was originally cast as Hitch, but they insisted on an American star, hence why Jamie Lee Curtis was cast.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Richard Franklin and Everett De Roche developed the character of Quid with Sean Connery in mind for the part. Of course, the film's budget wouldn't allow it.
    • Originally the climax of the film was supposed to be somewhat more elaborate about re-introducing the characters of Frita, Sneezy Rider, and Captain Careful. Originally during the chase through the streets of Perth, Sneezy Rider and Frita were supposed to be randomly wrecked by Quid's truck, the motorcycle sliding under the trailer in an elaborate stunt. Then Captain Careful was supposed to re-appear towing a new boat only for Quid to destroy that boat too. However pressure to wrap the shoot forced these scenes to be cut from the film.

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