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Trivia / Rise of the Reds

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  • Ascended Fanon: With the recent surge in fan-fiction, MARS has stated that fics of sufficient quality and compatibility will be treated as canon as long as they don't detract from the main plot as a way of giving dedicated fans a chance to have an impact on the setting.
    • The mod's story has spawned a surprising amount of fan-fiction, some of which - such as stories about the setting's other non-aligned countries - was declared canon via Word Of MARS and may be added to the ROTR wiki at some point once the more important gameplay articles are finished.
  • Development Gag: Russia's superweapon, the Tremor AGAS, was originally slated to be able to load N/B/C ammo. However, this was cut for balancing reasons, and it's stated that since they plan to use the land after the battle, it's restricted to conventional (if unreasonably large) shells.
  • Doing It for the Art: A given, since this is a Game Mod and as such cannot be legally sold, yet the team makes Rise of the Reds and three other mods (Shock Wave, Wargames ZH, and Generals Classic) in their free time because they can, because they like the original game series and want other people to enjoy it, with all the high-quality models, voice overs, story updates and balance testing this entails.
    • A special mention goes to the leader of the team, The_Hunter, who occasionally shows himself making 3d models, sometimes over multiple streams. Everyone who watches him work agrees that the amount of detail packed into the models and skins is absolutely not required for things to look good, but he does it anyway because it's clearly what he likes doing.
  • Fake Nationality: Most of the team's original voice overs were recorded by people of a different nationality than the actual unit. Due to exaggerated accents this usually gives the voice overs some comedic appeal.
  • Fan Nickname: Secret Police General Bao Jin's unique Propaganda Airship is also known as the "Whale" among Chinese ROTR fans (though it's actually supposed to be a carp). The joke version with meme faces and the Trololo song is commonly called "Trollship".
    • The American Recon Drone is called the "Kawaii-Bot", which then became an Ascended Meme when the makers started using that name too.
  • Line to God: Most of the tropes here actually were made in the forums, most of those being ideas from Storyboard/moderator MARS.
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  • Saved from Development Hell: The mod fell into a rather painful hiatus that went on for almost two years until early 2012. Development kicked back into full swing with a spectacular series of frequent updates which led up to the release of the 1.7 version.
  • Throw It In!: The word "gatling" was erroneously spelled with a double T since Generals. This will not be corrected because it works as a mild comical jab at China's reputation for plagiarism of foreign products.

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