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Trivia / Rhythmic Pretty Cure

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  • Name's the Same:
    • In regards to Hitomi/Cure Twirl:
      • He shares a Cure name with artistic gymnast Kurako Kaneyama. Their names are differentiated in that Hitomi's Cure name is written using a slightly different katakana rendition (i.e. Kurako's Cure name is rendered as "towāru"katakana , whereas Hitomi's is rendered as "tuāru"katakana –and yes, you read the Romaji right).
      • Less notably, he shares his first name with Hitomi Itou.
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    • In case you were wondering, no, Tsumugi Nikaido has absolutely no relation whatsoever to that guy named Takuya, nor is she related to a certain Ballerina of the Doll Kingdom.
    • Ribbon's not the first Pretty Cure mascot with that name.
    • There's another Curefic Yasu who's an aloof Meganekko who likes the color purple.
    • One of the background characters shares her name with Japanese figure skater Akiko Kitamura.

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