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Trivia / Rhino Records

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  • Descended Creator: Richard Foos and Harold Bronson wrote, performed and produced a lot of early Rhino releases. Many of these were novelty songs, but Bronson's Garage Rock bands The Low Numbersnote  and Mogan David & His Winos also recorded for Rhino.
  • Follow the Leader: Rhino's success with reissues and compilations inspired both smaller labels to follow suit (Collectors' Choice, Wounded Bird, and, in the UK, Rev-Ola and BGO), and major labels to set up Rhino-inspired back-catalog imprints. Sony Music Entertainment has Legacy, Universal Music Group has Hip-O, and BMG revived Buddha (with a change in spelling) for reissues, but after they got bought out by Sony it folded into Legacy.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • "Weird Al" Yankovic offered "My Bologna" to Rhino in 1979, but turned them down when Harold Bronson suggested releasing it as a picture disc made to look like a bologna slice.
    • Rhino released Oingo Boingo's "I'm Afraid" on L.A. In: A Collection of Los Angeles Rock and New Wave Bands in 1979 and courted them to sign full-time with the label, but the band chose I.R.S. Records instead.