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  • Fan Nickname: In Prey (2006), RCG has no idea what to call the two variants of Harvester enemy. Preferring to call the flying variant as 'Commanders' due to their uncanny likeness to Commanders from Duke Nukem 3D right down to their ability to fire missiles from their posterior. The land crawling variant he calls 'Invaders' due to their ability to 'invade' organic tunnels that look rather suggestive.
    • In Mega Pony, he offhandedly gives the name 'Ninja Ponies' to the Wonderbolts found within Loyal Mare's (Rainbow Dash) stage.
    • In Quake IV, Like the first example for Fan Nickname, RCG just couldn't recall the name for the Heavy Hover Tanks and instead called them Commanders as well since they look so similar to the ones found in Duke Nukem 3D.
  • Old Friend: Dark Flame Wolf was once a real life high school friend of RCG before graduating and losing touch over the years. They only recently reconnected via Zelda Classic when he was searching for quests to LP for his channel.
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  • Series Hiatus: His co-commentated series with his wife typically fall under this affliction with Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love and Ōkami being the two most egregious examples where its been a year or more since their start and there is still no end in sight of them completing either play series.
  • Sequel Gap: Most Let's Players when they start a specific game series (for example, the Mega Man series), they usually tend to plow through the entire set of games in the franchise before moving onto another series. Retrochallengegamer apparently does series whenever it suits his schedule. As it stands, each official canon game of Mega Man seems to be uploaded on a yearly basis, one game per year.
  • So My Kids Can Watch: Tries hard not to curse during his videos and muting it out with a Chocobo Wark when he does. He also identifies non-kid friendly series with ESRB rating logos in front of each video. All in an attempt to better track which of his series are best suited for the younger audience.

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