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Trivia / Ren & Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon"

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  • Channel Hop: From Nickelodeon to Spike TV (both of which are owned by the same parent company).
  • Creator Backlash:
    • Series co-creator Bob Camp absolutely loathes this revival for its overly disgusting and witless shock humor, as well as for how it torpedoed any chance of the series getting any future revival, namely his own attempt at pitching a Ren and Stimpy movie in the mid-2010s.
    • Billy West disparagingly called the show "an advertisement for NAMBLA", and flat-out refused to reprise his role as Stimpy in the show, not only because he (correctly) assumed it would be a flop that would hurt his career if he did, but because he was still mad at John K. for abusing him during the run of the original show, then launching a smear campaign against him and everyone else when he got fired.
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    • Animator/character designer Robertryan Corey best known for his work on Spongebob Squarepants and Secret Mountain Fort Awesome said that getting the job was a dream come true, as he had wanted to work on Ren and Stimpy since he was a kid. He quickly found out how poorly Kricfalusi treated his staff and has since had nothing good to say about it.
    • John K. admitted on his blog that Fire Dogs II suffers from truly abysmal animation timing and slow pacing, and encouraged viewers to just play the cartoon at double speed.
    • While Richard Pursel still loves "Ren Seeks Help", he has made it clear that he does not like the parts with the brutally abused and suicidal frog, which were added into the episode by John K despite him being strongly against it and vocal about it.
  • Creator Killer: The revival's failure was the beginning of the end for John Kricfalusi's career as an animator. His studio was sued into bankruptcy by Carbunkle Cartoons for years of unpaid work, and by the time it was settled in 2008, he had burned so many bridges with his poor attitude and general lack of professionalism that the only work he could get for the next decade were odd jobs like music videos and TV bumpers. The negative rumors about his work ethic caught up to him, with the disastrous production of his crowd-funded indie short Cans Without Labels being seen as the ultimate proof. The tactless, narcissistic content of his infamous blog didn't help his personal reputation either. When Katie Rice and Robyn Byrd called him out for statutory rape in 2018, you could almost hear the entire industry breathe a sigh of relief knowing that they now had an alibi to wash their hands of him forever.
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  • Franchise Killer: The series' cancellation put the kibosh on the franchise. Adult Party Cartoon left such a bad impression that when a Nicktoons crossover film was in development a decade later, those with knowledge of the project outright stated that Paramount didn't want Ren and Stimpy acknowledged in any way, shape, or form. Even a two-minute short starring the characters to be produced as a companion piece for The Spongebob Movie Sponge Out Of Water got the axe by higher-ups after being ordered.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The entire show, including the unaired episodes, were released on DVD, but Viacom deliberately let it go out of print due to the show's less than stellar reception. Now that John K.'s history of pedophilia has come to light, there's a good chance it'll never get a second run.
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  • Lying Creator: After the shows failure, John immediately pointed fingers at the execs, claiming they "forced" him to add excessive adult themes and humor to the show to compete with shows like South Park. As much of John's other filmography attests, including works where he had carte blanche, the lions share of his work is deliberately vulgar and nasty for its own sake and made his claims an extremely transparent attempt at shifting blame on others.
    Bob Camp: "One thing I know about (John) is that he does exactly what he wants to. He is also quick to point fingers and blame others every time he shits the bed. I know the network didn’t tell him to have REN fuck Stimpy with a saw. John is a professional critic and martyr and liar."
  • Missing Episode: "Naked Beach Frenzy", "Altruists", and "Stimpy's Pregnant" never aired on American TV at all. They can be found on the Ren & Stimpy: The Lost Episodes DVD.
  • Old Shame:
    • The heads at Paramount were quick to wash their hands of this show, allowing the Lost Episodes DVD to go out of print. It was later announced that the show's reputation was beyond repair thanks to the "adults only" stigma and that another reboot would be out of the question forever, doubling down once John K.'s pedophilia came to light.
    • Katie Rice, a character designer on the show and one of John K.'s statutory rape victims, never hesitates to say how much contempt she has for the show, for tragically obvious reasons. In addition to dealing with John K. as a person, she was given the humiliating task of designing and voicing a self-caricature for the sole purpose of getting fondled in "Naked Beach Frenzy." To say nothing of the live-action segment of John K. talking to her like a Dirty Old Man on the DVD, which she understandably avoided watching for years (when she finally saw it, she threw the DVD away the next morning).
    “I became a better artist by working for him. I’m not grateful for it. I wish I hadn’t. I wish I were a worse artist now and I didn’t have all this bullshit to deal with.”
  • The Original Darrin: During the run of the first series, John Kricfalusi was fired from the series, and Ren was recast with Billy West. John voiced him again in this series.
  • The Other Darrin:
    • Eric Bauza replaced Billy West as Stimpy. West not only refused to work with John K. again after their experiences together on the original show but objected to the even-more-vulgar-than-before content.
    • In the Mexican Spanish dub, Igor Cruz replaced Alfonso Obregon as Ren halfway through, and Stimpy was recast from Jose Luis Orozco to Jorge Ornelas.
  • Reality Subtext
    • "Fire Dogs II" has been described by John K as being a documentary about what it was like working with Ralph Bakshi.
    • "Ren Seeks Help" is heavily inspired by John K's own childhood, as well as his (then unrevealed) battles with two undiagnosed mental illnesses, including bipolar disorder.
    • "Stimpy's Pregnant" was based on a combination of a very early story pitch for a Ren and Stimpy episode and the real life pregnancy of Spumco artist Annmarie Ashkar Mccarty.
  • Role Reprise: Harris Peet briefly reprises his role as the Fire Chief in the opening of Fire Dogs II before Ralph Bakshi takes over.
  • Screwed by the Network: And how. After airing only three episodes, "Naked Beach Frenzy", "Altruists", "Stimpy's Pregnant" (as well as classic Nick episodes and the previously unaired "Man's Best Friend"), all of which received almost unanimously negative reviews, Spike TV pulled the show from it's schedule with three episodes still in production. Their animation block was discontinued and the entire series in it's completed form was eventually released on DVD as 'Ren and Stimpy: The Lost Episodes''.
  • Troubled Production: The censorship fights at Nickelodeon were inverted here. Spike TV made the mistake of giving John K. complete Auteur License and the result was a combination of the usual production delays and excessive spending that had gotten him fired from Nickelodeon back in the 90s and the newfound license to refuse criticism from anyone and everyone over just about anything to an even worse degree than before. John K. had to literally beg people for money just to finish the last three episodes after Spike canceled the series.
  • Unfinished Episode: The final three episodes of the first order were still in production when the show was canceled, and several were still in the outline stage.
    • "Life Sucks" - Ren explains to Stimpy that life sucks, much to Stimpy's horror. After that, they have an extensive look at life's past tragedies like the Children's Crusade. According to John Kricfalusi, this was meant to be a prequel episode to "Ren Seeks Help". This is suggesting that this episode was the cause of Ren and Stimpy's argument, as it is never stated in "Ren Seeks Help" what Ren had done. Production had begun on this episode, with some voice work and roughly a third of the storyboard, at the time of the cancellation.
    • "The Big Switch" - Stimpy can't tolerate Ren's abuse any longer and the two argue over which is better: to be an idiot or a "psychotic asshole". They finally settle the argument by making a bet that they can switch roles for a day. The episode's basic premise was loosely made in the Games Animation era (the season 5 episode "Who's Stupid Now?").
    • "Fishing Trip" - Ren & Stimpy go on a fishing trip in search of the elusive foul-mouthed bass. The episode's basic premise is loosely related to the season 3 episode "Bass Masters" and the unproduced Spümcø episode "The Wilderness Adventure."
    • "The Wilderness Adventure" - George Liquor takes Ren & Stimpy hunting in the deep woods. The episode was originally written for Nickelodeon, but was rejected several times. Michael Pataki was to reprise his role as George Liquor. The storyboard for the rejected episode, however, were completed in the 90s and one of the ideas would later used in the season 2 episode "The Great Outdoors".
    • "My Little Ass" - A fake commercial. The script for the commercial was written during when Kricfalusi was working on the new episodes for TNN, but it was never made.
    • "Powdered Toastman's Rolling Tobacco" - A second fake commercial. The commercial was going to mark the return of Powdered Toastman. The idea for the commercial was conceived, but the commercial itself was never fully produced.
  • What Could Have Been: Had he gotten another chance with the characters following this show, John K. claimed that he would have gone back in the opposite direction and once again make another Ren and Stimpy show for children.
  • Written by Cast Member: "Altruists" was co-written by Stimpy's voice actor, Eric Bauza.

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