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Trivia / Ren & Stimpy 2x07 "Son of Stimpy"

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  • Bonus Material: In a rare version of this happening in the pre-DVD era, the orange VHS featured a music video titled "Cat Hairballs" before the episode proper. The music video featured Stimpy licking and hwarfing up hairballs onto a conveyor belt for Ren, who is stamping them, before eventually passing out and getting stamped on the butt.
  • What Could Have Been: This episode was going to be banned by Nickelodeon, but Vanessa Coffey liked it so much that she prevented Nickelodeon from banning it. But due to the network's apprehension, MTV aired the episode first on January 13, 1993. But Nickelodeon eventually aired a slightly edited version to fit their standards, on December 11, 1993.