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Trivia / Remender And Bunn's Venom

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  • Creator's Favorite: Andi Benton immediately became Cullen Bunn's favorite character and he began pitching stories focusing on her and trying to work her into his assignments. Unfortunately, all of Bunn's ideas involving her were vetoed aside from Venomverse and a brief name-drop in Monsters Unleashed, and she narrowly avoided being killed off in Venom Inc.note  Friction between Bunn and Marvel over the latter's handling of Mania is implied to have led to him departing to focus on his creator-owned comics.
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  • Executive Veto: It's been strongly implied that Bunn's ideas for Venom suffered heavily from Executive Meddling, and many of his ideas for Andi Benton were outright vetoed.
  • Fan Nickname: Eddie Brock's appearance as Toxin was given the initially-derogatory fan-nickname "Broxin" to further distinguish him from the Toxin symbiote's original host, Patrick Mulligan.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Rick Remender came up with numerous ideas for Venom Vol. 3, which included bringing Anti-Venom back for a "War of the Symbiotes" arc, killing off Toxin in the "Spawning" arc, and resolving the "Descent" arc. None of these came to pass, as writer-ship of Venom Vol. 3 was handed off to Mike Costa instead.
    • Cullen Bunn had initially planned to kill off the Toxin symbiote following the "Savage Six" arc, and have Eddie Brock bond to the Venom symbiote's clone from Venom Vol. 1 — now augmented by the Hell-Mark — and become "Demon Venom" — thereby appeasing the fans who wanted him back as Venom and the fans who wanted a villainous Venom. However, he decided that Eddie hadn't spent enough time as Toxin, and co-created Andi Benton instead.

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