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  • Deleted Scene: The full version of Miharu and Kazuo's first time can only be seen in the premium title "Bound." Similarly, "My Sweet Girl" was produced for readers who wanted the full version of Fuuko and Hanae's night of passion. Makoto and Miharu fooling around on a couch similarly got a naughtier spinoff. Post-series, Biggs has also announced releases of a full version of Reika and Eiji's night of passion from Chapter 50, and also two more unannounced scenes featuring other cast members.
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  • Fan Nickname: A girl who appears in Kazuo's epilogue as his new flame is never named on panel. The forums dubbed her "Bernadette Donette Croissantwich" due to how stereotypically French she is.
  • Schedule Slip: For most of the run, the updates were consistent. The comic originally started out only updating on Saturdays with three pages. For a lengthy span of time, this actually increased to a hardcore pace of five updates (four pages story, one page sketch). Recently the strip's update schedule has scaled back to three updates a week due to Gina's schedule and her pregnancies. It even took a summer off during Gina's first pregnancy (i.e. maternity leave). The series ended in 2013 without her taking a maternity leave and still rushing to draw pages literally hours before the upload deadlines (a common criticism of the comic's final year was how much this showed.) Even with the author's decision to rush the series to a conclusion before having her second child, there was still an occasional week off and weeks with only two page updates. This was also caused by the author's lavishing more attention on her other projects and less on Red String.

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