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Trivia / Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld

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  • Name's the Same: In one 2012 segment, co-panelists included wrestler Mick Foley along with Chris Barron, the head of GOPROUD (an organization of LGBT Republicans). During the commentary about some story, Foley made a joke about the song lyrics he thought Barron wrote, prompting everyone to do a Flat "What". Foley, perplexed asked, "Wait, are you not who I thought you were?" It turns out that he confused Chris Barron of GOPROUD with Chris Barron of the early 90's jam band the Spin Doctors, of "Jimmy Olsen's Blues", "Two Princes", and Little Miss Can't Be Wrong" fame (the last song was the one Foley was referencing). This prompted a minutes-long exchange of laughter and Spin Doctors-based jokes, and everyone kept referencing the mix-up throughout the show. During the laughter, Foley paused and then asked "Being completely respectful and not joking at all here: so who ARE you?" prompting even more laughter, including from Barron himself. The whole thing ended up being one big Funny Moment, and everyone seemed to have fun with it.

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