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Trivia / Red Dwarf Season V Terrorform

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  • Acting for Two: Chris Barrie also provided the voice of The Unspeakable One and played the positive character traits when they were resurrected as swordsmen.
  • Deleted Scene:
    • After Holly's giant spider warning there is a cut scene where Lister debates what is the best way to get rid of the space tarantula. He cannot decide, since he is worried of "smegging it off" and giving it a grudge.
    • Holly spins round whilst trying to scan for Rimmer's Light Bee, saying that she is 'doing something really wibbly-wobbly and scientific'.
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    • More worried discussion from the Dwarfers about the hypothetical Rimmer "lust monster" which may be inhabiting the psi-moon.
    • The scene where The Master threatens Rimmer with torture was originally significantly longer, with extra dialogue. The Master also goes through it's torture devices, which include the "H" branding iron, spiky clubs and spark plugs. The Dwarfers ineffectually shooting The Master with the bazookoids was also longer.
    • As Starbug is stuck in the swamp, it tries to fly off, but only gets stuck in the quagmire further. The Unspeakable One's face appears in the sky, looming over his gathering hooded hoards on the hillside, his power growing due to Rimmer's increasingly unstable mind-scape. Seen in the models and FX section on the DVD.
    • Back aboard Starbug, the crew's discussions were originally much longer. Kryten uses Space Corps Directives to try get Rimmer to give himself up to The Master as a hologram, but Rimmer outwits him with another Space Corps directive that states Mechanoids must follow a living person's orders (and Rimmer is alive on the Psi-Moon). Rimmer orders Kryten to put on a "Synti-plast" mold of Rimmer's face, and go out and face "Nightmare Norman".
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    • As Starbug tries to break free of the Psi-Moon, the Dwarfers have to pretend to like Rimmer. There is an extended scene of the Cat struggling to convey any affection to Rimmer, but after some time manages to lie - barely.
    • The final fight sequence between the Rimmer Musketeers and the Hooded Horde was originally much longer. It would have revealed Rimmer's own gaunt, red-eyed face beneath the hoods of the enemies.
  • Dyeing for Your Art: Chris Barrie took a crash-course in fencing to portray the "Rimmer musketeers", and attended the gym frequently for months before for his chained-up half-nude scenes.
  • Orphaned Reference: The script called for The Master to threaten Rimmer with 'a large phallus'. The item was crafted by the effects team, but eventually deemed too risque to show on television. It's shadow is seen very briefly on the wall along with the shadow cast by The Master. An elaborate, metal, spiky club was also crafted yet ultimately excised also (but seen in the deleted scenes on the DVD.) The torture phallus was still referred to in the episode however, towards the end where he describes it as like a Mexican agave cactus.
  • Prop Recycling:
    • The Self-Loathing creature was based on an unused design from Doctor Who.
    • According to the DVD Commentary, Cat's yellow-and-black coat is the same as the black-and-white one seen in "Camille", with the white portion simply coloured yellow with markers.
  • Troubled Production: There were various issues during the episode's production, including the lighting crew being tipped into a lake after their boat capsized while they were setting up some equipment, and trouble getting the puppet for the Unspeakable One to move in a way that looked realistic. However, by far the biggest problem was that the already-strained relationship between director Juliet May and the cast finally broke down completely during filming, resulting in May being let go when the episode wrapped, and Rob Grant and Doug Naylor stepping in to direct the remainder of the season themselves.


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