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Trivia / Red Dwarf Season VII Ouroboros

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  • Creator Backlash: On the DVD Commentary, Chris Barrie quips, "I'm confused, was Red Dwarf still a commentary at this stage?"
  • Deleted Scene: Scenes cut from the episode:
    • When Lister sneezes out his tooth cap, he blames Kryten's sticky toffee pudding, which he says is just too sticky.
    • As the Cat see's Lister's 'new outfit' for the first time, he says "I thought you had less style than a 1970s TV cop."
    • An extended dialogue between Lister and Rimmer in the flashback sequence to Red Dwarf before the accident. Lister is arriving on Red Dwarf from shore-leave on Mimas on a late shuttle; Rimmer is waiting in the arrivals area holding a sign that says "smeghead". As Rimmer says that he's reported him as A.W.O.L, Lister says "S.O.W.H.A.T."
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    • As Kochanski asks Lister if he is the kind of guy who would take advantage of a girl who is half insensible, she corrects herself saying that actually they must be his "favourite kind".
    • The Cat and Kryten mock Lister on his earlier, very reluctant marriage to a hairy GELF bride. Cat says the wedding was beautiful, it broke his heart when they separated, and Kryten says that "it was such a good match".
    • Extended Kryten saying Kinitawowi names. After he says the long and ridiculous name of the GELF Chief Justice, Kochanski says "let's call him 'ach-ach-ach' for short".
    • A significant portion of the crew inside the Starbug cockpit as they evade the Kinitawowi battle cruiser. After navigation officer Kochanski explains to the Cat the meaning of "coordinates", he says "I knew that... What was that first number again?" Kochanski replies that she's seen "fairground darts that are sharper than you guys". Lister responds with "Kris, will you stop treating us like we're a useless bunch of no-hopers? We know what we're doing, okay?" Kochanski then asks what has happened to their Red Dwarf (they have lost it, later revealed to be stolen by the nanobots) and the others are reluctant to tell her that they have lost Red Dwarf. They all look at each other awkwardly, and Kryten says that it's a "long, long, long, long" story.
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  • The Other Darrin: Clare P. Grogan was unavailable to return as Kochanski, so Chloe Annett took over until Season VIII.
  • Real-Life Relative: Alexander John-Jules (Danny's nephew) as Baby Lister. Danny volunteered his nephew when he discovered the baby originally recruited to play young Lister was too dark-skinned to be convincing as a younger Craig Charles.
  • What Could Have Been: Before deciding on bringing back Kochanski, Doug Naylor first considered bringing back Captain Hollister, and his second choice was Lister's old best friend Olaf Petersen, which Naylor said he was keen to do most. Mindful of the possible movie however, Naylor chose to bring back Kochanski since it would provide the cast with an attractive female.

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