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Trivia / Red Dwarf Season VII Blue

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  • Deleted Scene: Scenes cut from the episode:
    • When Kochanski says that she had a dream about a monkey being stretched across a tennis court and Lister admits to playing his guitar, he also says that he has just about mastered a second chord.
    • More of Lister talking about Rimmer and, to his horror, realizing that he is missing him.
    • The Rimmer Experience and the Rimmer Munchkins have at least four extensions, including more of the crew as seen through the eyes of Rimmer's fantasy in which he was brave and heroic, and they are all idiotic cowards, much like Rimmer was in real life. Among the additions include Rimmer correcting Kryten on a mistake, something which never happened, and Rimmer is seen devouring Curry that Lister found too hot, which also never happened.
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  • Non-Singing Voice: That's not Chris Barrie singing during "The Rimmer Experience", but rather series composer Howard Goodall.
  • Working Title: Heartache.

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