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Trivia / Red Dwarf Season VI Emohawk Polymorph II

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  • Deleted Scene:
    • A substantial amount of dialogue had to be trimmed from the episode, the bulk of which came from the early sequences aboard Starbug. These nine extended dialogues include Rimmer discussing his theories on the correlation between short haircuts and military victory, and his wariness of relying on one feline's nose to navigate Starbug.
    • When the Enforcement Orb de-cloaks and begins warping round Starbug, Lister tells them to look to the "port bow" and they all look out the cockpit viewscreen - in the opposite direction at what Lister looks in. Lister then apologises, saying that he got "port" and "starboard" mixed up. As Kryten notes the Enforcement Orb is in "arrest mode", Cat says that they are "deader than kipper ties". There is an extra explosion in the Starbug cockpit as the Enforcement Orb fires a warning shot, with a monitor exploding near Lister, sending glass everywhere. Also, the Orb gives it's full designation.
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    • Kryten surmises that since the Enforcement Orb's voice chip is in reverse, then it's logic chip may be in reverse too. Kryten advises the Dwarfers to plead guilty, since that will actually be pleading innocent. But after re-thinking it, he says that they should aim to be found guilty, since instead of punishing them it will let them go, and if they are found innocent it will blow them out of the sky.
    • One of Cat's feline sayings: "Lose a good friend, you can get another. But lose you're tail, and things will always be draughty." Lister says that is as clear as his bathwater. Cat explains it means if you hand over your tail, you wind up with "whistle butt". Rimmer says that there is noting between Cat's ears, and that you could use Cat's head as an aboriginal hunting horn.
    • The booming, threatening voice recording coming from the GELF icon (the Kinitawowi skull asteroid) threatening any who come into GELF territory was originally different, with a more Jamaican-sounding accent. (This may be due to the clapped-out Starbug navicomp, along with the Enforcement Orb speaking in reverse, since Kryten mentioned its dematerialising affected it. When Kryten puts the GELF beacon into translation, it says, in a very soft and placid English voice, "death to the stranger.")
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    • Two dialogue trims from inside the Kinitawowi chief's wantunga, or hut. When explaining to the Dwarfers why the Kinitawowi would have an Emohawk, Kryten says that emotions are a highly valued trading commodity because droids and simulants are prepared to pay incredible prices for them. Kryten mocks Lister over his ability to understand what the GELF chief wants of him.
    • A neat Cat gag is followed by more feline business that, ultimately, only gave the audience information they already had. Cat mocks Lister over his recent GELF marriage, saying that he will be soon be buying insurance. As Cat believes he can smell the Emohawk aboard Starbug, and Rimmer demands he stop playing "name that smell."
    • More business with Ace Rimmer and Duane Dibbley, after Ace has revealed he plans to snap Duane's neck when he's not looking, and then suck everything including the Emohawk out the airlock. As Ace puts his hands around Duane's neck from behind, Duane talks about being a 33-year-old man who still plays with a yo-yo. Ace say that he can't do it, as it would be like "garotting Bambi".
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    • A slightly longer, Police Squad!-style finale as Duane accidentally freezes the others with the liquid dilinium and does a little dance behind them.
  • Recycled Set: The Kinitawowi village was a redressed Medieval set from the short-lived series Covington Cross.
  • Throw It In!: Kryten handshaking the Gelf leader was improvised by Robert Llewellyn.
  • Working Title: The original script of the episode was entitled Polymorph II: Emohawk to make it clear the connections with the earlier episode with a Polymorph. However, Doug Naylor believed it to sound too much like a football score and re-arranged the title.


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