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Trivia / Red Dwarf Season II Kryten

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  • Deleted Scene:
    • The full, uncut credits to Kryten's favorite show Androids, including the entire theme tune to the show - a mock-up of the theme tune to the real-world, long-running Australian soap opera Neighbours. The lyrics to the Androids theme song discusses how mechanicals can develop feelings - foreshadowing what does eventually occur with Kryten when he later becomes one of the boys. The full Androids scene was trimmed for the broadcast episode, for time.
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    • The Cat performs a disastrous musical duet with Talkie Toaster with the skutters in the disco on keyboard. Whilst the Cat screeches and wails, Cat complains of Talkie Toaster's musical ineptitude and tone deafness, with Talkie Toaster saying that he "doesn't understand Cat music". This was cut for time.
    • Kryten leaves Red Dwarf on the flying space bike. It causes an explosion of sparks as it rides out of the airlock, and is seen flying off into nebulae in space. This was cut because it was felt the effects didn't work, although it was later used on the Remastered version of the episode.

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