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Trivia / Record of Lodoss War

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  • Approval of God: Mami Watanabe and Akinori Nagaoka, the respective screenwriter and director for the original OVA series, have gone on record to say that they liked Central Park Media's dub.
  • Author Existence Failure: Shiho Niiyama, Deedlit's VA for the TV series, was diagnosed with leukemia in 1998 and subsequently died of complications caused by it when the series was airing, so Junko Noda replaced her for her final appearances.
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  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: After Central Park Media went under, it was out of print in the US for several years. Funimation finally rescued the OAV and series in 2017.
  • The Other Darrin: The entire Japanese voice cast from the OAV was changed for the TV series. Weirdly, Show Hayami was darrin'ed and became a Darrin at the same time: he played Orson in the OAV, then handed the role to Nobuyuki Hiyama and replaced Akira Kamiya as Ashram. Also, Deedlit was darrin'ed again for the last 6 episodes of the TV series after her then-voice actress (Shiho Niiyama) suddenly passed away (Junko Noda filled in).
    • Averted with the dub for the TV series for the most part, although some characters (Orson, Kashue, Wagnard, Karla, Leylia, Deedlit) are either given temporary or permanent replacements for certain episodes.
  • Star-Making Role: Lodoss War was one of the very first anime dubs recorded in New York City, and is where now-popular voice actors Lisa Ortiz and Ted Lewis made their debuts.
  • Talking to Himself: This happens a lot in the dub, to the point where in one scene late in the TV series, there are 4 characters in one scene and Crispin Freeman is voicing three of them.
  • Troubled Production: The English dub for the "Chronicles of the Heroic Knight" series. While the original OVA dub was a decent (if unspectacular) effort for 1996, the TV dub, despite receiving a favorable mark from Mike Toole, has otherwise has been less well received. This was because Central Park Media employed Irvington, New York-based recording studio, Headline Sound, to dub the series, as the first studio responsible for the OVA dub, National Sound, was closed down. The Headline team, despite sharing some of the same cast members as the dub, was less experienced in dubbing anime. (Joe DiGiorgi, the owner of Headline Studios, stated it was a learning experience for him.) There were also cases of actors dropping in and out of roles for select episodes because of conflicting schedules. Infamously, Lisa Ortiz's Deedlit was replaced for about two episodes — because the actress was sick and out of town. Due to tight schedules, a replacement had to be brought in at the last moment. At one point Wagnard's original English VA from the OVA reprises his role for one TV episode, but is otherwise voiced by another actor. Garrack's voice actor was changed to Crispin Freeman about midway through. Ryna, Karla, and Pirotess also had different voice actresses for THREE episodes. Leylia even had THREE — count 'em, THREE — actresses; the original, Simone Grant, only voices her in the beginning episodes. Despite ADR director Michael Alben's best intentions, some of the newer cast members also lacked experience. For Headline, Chronicles of the Heroic Knight was a learning experience, and many of their dubs, starting with His And Her Circumstances were uphill since then.
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  • The Wiki Rule: The Accursed Wiki.

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