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Trivia / Rebecca Black

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  • Approval of God: Her favorite "Friday" parody is the Brock's Dub.
  • Development Hell: She had been reportedly working on a debut album since 2011 but it would be six years before she even released an EP and no full length album has been released.
  • I Knew It!: All the jokes about how Rebecca would release a follow-up to "Friday" titled "Saturday" pretty much died when she started releasing other songs. Then it happened.
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  • Name's the Same: A fitness model was part of a Facebook mix-up.
  • No-Hit Wonder: Not even "Friday" cracked the top 100 in most played songs in America the week it was released to radio and only peaked at 58 (it only cracked the top 40 in Australia and New Zealand).
  • Old Shame: "Friday".
  • One-Hit Wonder: Neither "My Moment" nor "Person of Interest" got as much attention as Friday did. Both songs were forgotten quickly.
  • Promoted Fangirl: She was a big Katy Perry fan before getting a cameo in her video "Last Friday Night".


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