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Trivia / Rayman (1995)

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  • Executive Meddling: Rayman was originally designed exclusively for the Atari Jaguar, with a planned release date of 1994. As the game neared completion, however, Ubisoft decided to make the game multi-platform... and delayed the release of the Jaguar version until a year later, one week after the PlayStation version was released.
  • What Could Have Been: The game originally started out on the SNES but it shifted to the Jaguar for the more advanced processing power.
    • The original concept of the game was that Rayman is a ten-year-old kid named Jimmy, who got sucked into ...Um...? Hereitscool, a world he has created in his computer...? at this point This idea was scrapped to make the game more timeless and to match up with the nature and fairytale themes the game has.
      • Mr. Dark was conceived as a virus or a glitch in the program.
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    • One piece of early concept art shows that Rayman was originally designed with limbs, but this was dropped for technical reasons. However, this became such a part of his character that later games stuck with the limbless design, even as everyone else got limbs.
    • One of the game's earliest iterations on SNES involved two player co-op with a fatter, redder Rayman and an unnamed blue counterpart. The concept appears to have been dropped fairly early in its lifespan, since all that exists of this version of the game are a handful of screenshots and a very brief proof-of-concept demo.
    • Early builds of the game featured a counter that appears to have kept track of how many Antitoons the player had killed, making it possible that the original goal of the game was to destroy all of the Antitoons instead of saving the Electoons.
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    • Multiple prototype screenshots indicate that Skops was supposed to be the very first boss in the game, which likely explains why he's such a Breather Boss in the final game where he's in the penultimate world.
    • There were ports of the game planned for the Sega 32X, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, macOS, Amiga and Gizmondo, but all of them were scrapped.


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