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  • Actor Allusion: See below for the Running Gag of Pavel being mistaken for Polish.
  • Actor-Inspired Element: Pavel was written to be Polish (as Ireland had a large influx of Polish immigrants in the early-2000s). But Krystof Hadek is Czech, so they changed Pavel to that instead.
  • Breakthrough Hit: For writer Lisa McGee, who got launched onto writing for Being Human and The White Queen - eventually reaching new heights with Derry Girls.
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  • Channel Hop: Season 1 was on RTE Two, but the remaining seasons were on RTE One. As a result, the sex and violence was toned down.
  • Dawson Casting: Just about. Emma is introduced having dropped out of school, implying she's sixteen or seventeen. Tara Lee was already eighteen.
  • Fake American: Michael Malarkey is Lebanese born and plays the JoJo's American husband Anthony. He has one Irish-American parent and thus speaks with a not-too-convincing accent. It had improved by the time he starred in The Vampire Diaries.
  • Fake Brit: A debatable example for Shane and Jojo. Both actors are from Ulster but Keith McErlean is from Donegal and Charlene McKenna is from Monaghan - while their characters are from Belfast. Belfast is part of the UK, but Monaghan and Donegal are part of the Republic.
  • Fake Irish:
    • Scottish Amy Manson plays the presumably Irish Zoe in Season 5.
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    • Richard is played by English actor Joe Doyle.
  • No Export for You: Only Season 1 was released on DVD. But the series was eventually put on Netflix.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The concept was originally written as a show called Kitchen, which had a radically different tone and story. The pilot was shot but never picked up. Charlene McKenna, who played Jojo in Raw, had starred also. The idea was then retooled into Raw.
    • The fifth episode of Season 1 had a radically different ending. It's a cliff hanger whether Bobby cheated on Rebecca with the girl Nikki, only to be revealed in the next episode that Jojo paid her to make Rebecca think she had. The fifth episode originally ended with Jojo paying Nikki, confirming that it was a set-up. This scene was filmed but cut from the broadcast.

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