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Trivia / Raumpatrouille

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  • Cast Incest: Roswitha Völz, the wife of Wolfgang Völz (Mario de Monti), appears as one of the dancers in the Starlight Casino in several scenes.
  • Dueling Shows: Raumpatrouille's first episode Angriff aus dem All was aired on 17 September, 1966, five days before the second Star Trek pilot Where No Man Has Gone Before (the first episode to feature Kirk, Scott and Sulu). However, the "duel" only emerged in retrospect as Raumpatrouille was not shown in America and Star Trek was first broadcast on West German TV in 1972.
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  • Fake Nationality: Pretty much every character was played by German and Austrian actors, including Atan Shubashi, who apparently is meant to be Japanese. A few scenes were shot twice, with French actors playing a few minor parts for the French version; French Orion crew member Lieutenant Legrelle, however, was played by German actress Ursula Lillig in both versions.
  • No Budget: Those ceiling lamps on the page picture? Yeah, that's disposable plastic drinking cups.
  • Retroactive Recognition: They put Käpt'n Blaubär in charge of the Overkill projector?!
  • Romance on the Set: Dietmar Schönherr (Commander McLane) married Danish actress Vivi Bach (1st Lady on Chroma in the German version) after shooting ended.
  • What Could Have Been: The name of the captain of the Orion originally was called "Shane", but as in 1966 there was an American television series of that name (based on the same novel as the 1953 movie), the producers decided to change it to "McLane".

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