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  • Fan Nickname: They make up names for all of their friends at Conservapedia.
    • Aschlafly is referred to as Assfly
    • Conservative is referred to as Kendoll, or simply Ken
    • Karajou is referred to as Karajerk or Kowardjou
    • Jinxmchue is referred to as Jinx
    • There were numerous names for TK, including TeamKiller, TrollKing and TheKnife
  • Promoted Fanboy: Editor Pal MD is a fairly well-regarded medical blogger, first on Science Blogs and now on Scientopia.
  • The Wiki Rule: There was a wiki called 'RationalWikiWiki' which existed to catalogue and analyze the history of the RationalWiki community; it exists mostly as a joke, but has still managed to accumulate several hundred articles. There was even RationalWikiWikiWiki. That one exists entirely as a joke.

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