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  • Development Hell: If one were to list all of their announced games that had been cancelled (Donkey Kong Racing, Kameo 2, etc.), one would be here all day. This started way back in their Speccy days, with Mire Mare. At least the first Kameo and Sabreman still managed to see the light of day (the former on Xbox, the latter on Game Boy Advance). Given that Rare can no longer make games for Nintendo consoles, Donkey Kong Racing ain't never seeing the light of day, and the way things are looking, while something at least came out of Dinosaur Planet and Diddy Kong Pilot (they were turned into Star Fox Adventures and Banjo-Pilot respectively), it's pretty much a given Donkey Kong Racing won't even have that kind of luck.
  • Executive Meddling: Even former employees agree that Microsoft's micro-management of the company has hurt their business. To contrast, Rare made tons of games under Nintendo, yet it has probably only made about ten or fewer games for the entirety of their Microsoft ownership. Prior to Kinect Sports and the restructuring, Rare made just as many games for Nintendo's portable consoles as it did for Microsoft's home consoles.
    • Star Fox Adventures was originally going to be Rare's original IP called Dinosaur Planet, and for the N64. However, early in development, Shigeru Miyamoto saw the notes, noticed the main character looked similar to Fox McCloud, and convinced them to make it a Star Fox game for the Gamecube instead. This would be the last game they made before leaving Nintendo.
  • Follow the Leader: It cannot be denied that Rare had a tendency to play to the trends, exploring the same genres and tropes as other games, usually from Nintendo, that had recently been successful. Donkey Kong Country followed Super Mario World and Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Banjo-Kazooie followed Super Mario 64. Diddy Kong Racing followed Mario Kart. Killer Instinct followed Mortal Kombat. This was evident even before Donkey Kong Country as Battletoads followed the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles craze. While they have been making an effort to avoid this during their Microsoft years, the Xbox Live Avatars blatantly imitate Miis.
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  • Promoted Fanboy: In the E3 2016 gameplay trailer for Sea of Thieves, two of the members of crew 3 are Chad McCanna and Hyle Russell, diehard Rare fans who are best known for Elvis And Slick Monty and DK Vine.
  • Trolling Creator: People at Rare have openly admitted they put the occasional item pickup in their games that is easily visible but in reality completely inaccessible, just to drive players crazy looking for a secret way to get them.
  • Urban Legend of Zelda: There was an old rumor that Timber would have his own game with Pipsy and Bumper as his co-stars, which Rare has denied. While it is true that Timber was the protagonist of Pro Am 64 before it was retooled into Diddy Kong Racing, the alleged Timber 64 was supposed to have been a different game entirely. This trope was later subverted when Rare dev Kev Bayliss mentioned in an article that Timber was going to be the main character of Dinosaur Planet (a.k.a Starfox Adventure) at one point, In fact, the game started out as a Genre Shift sequel to Diddy Kong Racing.
  • What Could Have Been: Rare at one point was going to help the development of more Power Glove-based games as well as the unreleased sequel accessory the Turbo Glove, but they stopped these plans due to the critical failure of the Power Glove and lack of public in-trust.
    • The company was given an offer to be bought out by Activision, but the deal fell through. Seeing what we know about them now, They may have dodged a bullet.
  • The Wiki Rule: RareWiki, which has now moved off Fandom.


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