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Trivia / Rae Kohai
aka: Rion Rhino Mills

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  • Big Name Fan: Has quite a few of these. One of those people was The Quarter Guy who she actually collaborated with.
  • Old Shame: If the first episode of Let's Just Riff is any indication, she has this reaction towards any of her commentaries made before "Ice Cream Paint Job".
    • Episode 16 is a particularly large example, as she not only changed the title to reflect her opinion on it, but also turned comparing other commentaries to it into a Running Gag.
    Rae: Wow, I didn't know I was watching Episode 16 up in here, up in here, am I right, guys? I give him about 5 minutes before he knocks over the monitor.
    • As acknowledged in a February 2019 livestream, episode 39 is one of her most hated commentaries due to most of her points against the subject, Rose Quartz, being either really nitpick-y or just flat-out bad.
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    • Rae has made several statements about finding her once well loved commentary "I Don't Wanna, The Movie" to be her most disliked commentary. Even making a whole stream (That is now private) on why she doesn't care for it.

Alternative Title(s): Rion Rhino Mills


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