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  • Follow the Leader: The story is kind of like "X-Men WITH PSYCHIC POWERS!"
  • No Export for You: Psychic Force 2 never came to the states but it did get released in PAL regions. It was also re-released on Play Station Network in Japan.
    • The PlayStation 2 Compilation Re-release of Psychic Force Complete, containing Psychic Force, Psychic Force 2012, and Psychic Force 2012 EX (EX featured the characters of the first game that did appear in Psychic Force 2) in a single package, never saw a release outside Japan unfortunately. Neither did the PC port of Psychic Force 2012, and you'll be hard-pressed to find any copies of the PC port floating around.
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  • Playing Against Type: When Brad is in normal pacifistic mode, he's against Ryusei Nakao's usual sadistic type. When he goes full on psycho, he's using his normal style.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • In Psychic Force Puzzle Taisen, there is a hidden character named Masato/Masahito Suzuki who was supposed to have been a playable character from within the first Psychic Force game, but was eventually cut out during the later development of the game. Background information reveals that Suzuki would've been a neutral fighter (like Genma and Gates) and that he was a bounty hunter who had sought out the Psychiccers through one of his bounty hunting jobs (this fact, along with the other one that he's a swordsman as well would eventually be passed over to Might from within Psychic Force 2012). Aside from Suzuki, there are two other unknown characters from within the bonus pictures of Psychic Force Puzzle Taisen and that they appear alongside with him, indicating the possibility that they were intended to be playable characters as well and that they would've shared a storyline with Suzuki, but like him, they and the storyline was dropped as well.
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    • Additional background information for Psychic Force 2012 reveals that Sonia, Brad, and Genma were originally planned to initially return alongside with their fellow cast members of the first game (instead of being PlayStation exclusive bonus characters with no story mode) and that the trio would've received new attires and appearances (Sonia would've had Boyish Short Hair with a new attire, Brad's new attire would've consisted of a Badass Cape and Too Many Belts, and Genma would've wore a straw hat which had ofuda paper talismans taped and surrounding it on all sides). Aside from the new attires and appearances, Sonia, Brad, and Genma were also originally planned to have their own character stories for Psychic Force 2012 as well:
      • Sonia: Her story would've been in that she had somehow came back to life after being presumed dead following the destruction of NOA's old base and it would eventually be revealed that it was Keith, Carlo, and Regina who had saved her. Sonia, now knowing of what had happened to her before from within the past, would've reluctantly resumed her role as a member of Neo NOA, using it as a means in the hopes of finding Wendy whom she now knows is her young sister and during the course of her story, Sonia would've personally fallen in love with Keith for real after seeing his kind and caring side. At the end of Sonia's story, Keith would've been Killed Off for Real by Wong after taking an attack meant for Sonia, with Sonia herself finally killing Wong in retaliation, but not before realizing that she had used up her remaining energy and that she would've succumb to her own injuries and be Killed Off for Real herself, with Sonia being Together in Death with Keith and that Wendy, who is accompanied by Burn and briefly has an emotional reunion with Sonia before the latter's death, vows to not let her and Emilio's deaths be in vain, vowing to help create a world where humans and Psychiccers can live together in a complete state of peace and harmony.
      • Brad: His story would've been in that from within his psychotic state, he had escaped NOA's old base before its destruction and that he would've encountered Wong, who had promised Brad the chance and opportunity to kill as many people as he had wanted should he join Wong's Army, to which Brad had agreed to and that Brad himself had spent the next two years being one of Wong's deadliest Psychiccers from within The Army. Before Brad has the chance and opportunity to kill Wendy from within his story, his normal side unexpectedly stops him and prevents him from going through with the deed, which causes the psychotic side of Brad to be locked in an internal struggle against the normal side of Brad, culminating with the two sides battling against each other for total control and that the normal Brad would've won the fight, completely erasing the psychotic Brad from his own consciousness. Realizing on what he had done before from within the past and deciding that he can't live with the fact of knowing his horrific past crimes, Brad commits suicide via ripping out his throat with his own sharp fingernails, feeling and believing that he'll be able to finally achieve true peace and happiness in death itself while also allowing his past victims to finally rest in peace as well.
      • Genma: His story would've been in that Genma had returned to the Shadow Plateau after learning of NOA's destruction and that he would've start his own personal training in increasing and improving his Shugendo magic under Genshin, who is revealed to be his long-time master and friend. When Wong's Army attacks the Shadow Plateau and kidnaps Shiori, who is revealed to be Genma's granddaughter, both Genma and Genshin go after The Army in order to save Shiori from them and that Genma's story would've been the same as Genshin's own, culminating with Genshin performing his Heroic Sacrifice in order to save Shiori and that Genma, vowing to uphold Genshin's last words to him, starts training Shiori into initiating and utilizing Shugendo magic so that he can prepare her for the role in being The Chosen One who'll help lead the world from its current ruin and destruction.
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    • On the topic of Shiori, additional character artwork for Psychic Force 2012 shows a young woman wearing the same type of attire that both Genma and Genshin wear, heavily implying that this young woman is in fact Shiori and that she was considered into being a playable character herself, with an early draft of her character story being in that she was the granddaughter of Genma who had gone looking for him after he had disappeared from within his previous mission and that she would've encounted and fought against most of the cast along the way from within her journey. However, this initial concept was dropped and that Shiori herself had ended up being a Damsel in Distress from within Genshin's story in the final product, though it's heavily implied that traces of the original plan is still seen as Shiori herself vows to not let Genshin's death be in vain and promises to help lead the world from its current ruin and destruction via her status as The Chosen One.