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  • Actor-Shared Background:
    • Gus is a trained tap dancer, just as Dulé Hill really is.
      • In "Any Given Friday Night at 10PM, 9PM Central" Gus is asked, as a joke, to speak in a Jamaican accent; Dulé Hill's parents are Jamaican.
    • A minor one for James Roday; in "No Country for Two Old Men," Shawn announces at the housewarming party for him and Juliet that an authentic Mexican buffet has been provided by his father. James Roday's father in real life is the regional catering manager for Taco Cabana, a chain of Mexican fast casual restaurants in Texas.
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    • An unusual example: Lassiter's daughter, Lilly Nora Lassiter, is named after Timothy Omundson's real-life daughters, Lilly and Nora.
  • California Doubling:
    • Strangely enough, the Vancouver Doubling variant for a California town. Overall, they do a good job of making rainy, heavily-forested British Columbia pass for dry Southern California.
    • The episode "Dual Spires" was a parody of Twin Peaks, and it took place in a town that strongly resembled that series' Pacific Northwest setting. Given that the episode still took place in Southern California, this made little sense, but it worked for the parody.
    • Anytime you see railroad tracks on the beach, it's filmed in White Rock, BC. The tracks in Santa Barbara are further back and far too heavily used to provide such a nice vista.
      • An early establishing shot of a sports arena was of the Rose Garden in Portland, or from a show filmed in Vancouver but set in California. Oh, my.
  • Casting Gag:
    • Keisha Knight Pulliam, also known as Rudy from The Cosby Show, plays Gus's wife in a dream of Shawn's. See Celebrity Resemblance.
    • Deon Richmond (Bud from The Cosby Show) is cast as Gus's new boss in the finale.
    • John Cena is reunited with his The Marine co-star Robert Patrick in "You Can't Handle This Episode."
  • The Cast Showoff:
    • Gus seems to have a lot of episodes where he is singing or, most frequently, tap-dancing.
    • "Psych: The Musical" in Season 7 gives most of the main cast the opportunity to show off their singing and dancing skills.
  • Channel Hop: The second Psych movie will be released on the Peacock streaming service rather than on USA Network.
  • Creator's Favorite Episode:
    • James Roday, Dulé Hill, and the crew members doing the episode's audio commentary on the DVD agree that "Shawn Takes A Shot in the Dark" is easily among the series’ top three best episodes.
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    • On a related note, Roday has said in an interview that “Dual Spires” is easily his favorite episode out of the whole show. Most of the cast and crew also seem to agree that it's easily the best episode of the entire show.
    • Corbin Bernsen claimed that "Mr. Yin Presents..." is his favorite episode out of the whole series.
  • Defictionalization: The bad news is, Fritos Quatro Queso Dos Fritos most likely don't exist. The good news is, fans have created recipes to replicate them!
  • Directed by Cast Member: James Roday has directed and written several few episodes, as well as collaborated with Steve Franks on the general storyline. Additionally, Season 8's "1967: A Psych Odyssey" was directed by Kirsten Nelson (Chief Karen Vick).
  • Filming Location Cameo: The Season 4 Vacation Episode "Extradition: British Columbia" shows off a lot of Vancouver and surrounding areas, including the ski slopes of Whistler and the bridge at Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. They followed it up in Season 5 with "Extradition II: The Actual Extradition Part".
  • Genius Bonus:
    • Some of Shawn and Gus's references can be quite obscure.
    • The cult featured in "The Tao of Gus" and Gus's infatuation with it leads Shawn to hope that he can get Gus out of there before he robs a bank with a machine gun while wearing a beret.
  • Harpo Does Something Funny: The Shawn-Gus dynamic came about thanks to James Roday and Dule Hill riffing off the script and letting their real-life bromance shine through.
  • Hide Your Pregnancy: Jazmin Simon was very close to her due date when shooting Psych 2: Lassie Come Home, so she was shot in tight close ups and angled away from the camera in wide framing. The script also had a number of escape hatches written in so Selene, her character could exit the plot without too much disruption. Although, Steve Franks noted, in hindsight, that everyone forgot that if Jazmin went into labor, Dule Hill, her husband, would also have needed to take time off.
  • Irony as She Is Cast: A downplayed variant - In “Lights, Camera...Homicido”, Shawn frequently struggles with his lack of Spanish skills while on the telenovela. In reality, James Roday is half-Mexican and is actually semi-fluent in Spanish.
  • Missing Episode: Season 7, Episode 13, Nip and Suck It, was removed from syndication in Hallmark Movies and Masteries in 2019. This is because of Lori Loughlin having made a guest appearance and Hallmark removing anything involving her after the college admission scandal.
  • Name's the Same:
  • The Other Darrin:
    • Keith David replaces Ernie Hudson as Gus's dad.
    • Not to mention how often the actors who play Shawn as a kid get switched (4 people now).
      • Lampshaded in "The Polarizing Express": Young Shawn tells Shawn he's the younger him, and Shawn replies, "You don't look like me." Young Shawn then comments that "we change all the time, sometimes from week to week."
  • Permanent Placeholder: An In-Universe example: Da Chief for the beginning of the show is Interim Chief Vick. As the title suggests, she's only there as a temporary chief, though she later becomes the full-on chief of the department.
  • Playing Against Type:
    • Prior to this, Dule Hill came to fame playing the mature and straitlaced Charlie Young. Gus, on the other hand, is immature and comical (while making a poor attempt at being straitlaced).
    • Kurt Fuller as Woody, as he usually plays characters who are either smug Jerkasses or corrupt.
  • Real-Life Relative: Guest stars Sendhil Ramamurthy and Jay Chandrasekhar are cousins.
    • In the Season One episode, "From the Earth to the Starbucks", Gus' would-be Romantic Interest is played by star Dulé Hill's then wife, actress Nicole Lyn.
    • From Psych: The Movie onwards, Gus' psych girlfriend Selene is played by Dule Hill's wife Jazmin Simon.
  • Real Life Writes the Plot:
    • Psych: The Movie was originally supposed to have the characters reunite in Santa Barbara. Unfortunately, Timothy Omundson suffered a stroke before production could begin and the script had to be heavily rewritten. The setting was changed to San Francisco to provide a plausible reason as to why Lassiter wasn't involved, some lines were reassigned to other charactersnote , while Woody the Coroner joins the gang for the climax. Omundson's role was reduced to a brief cameo shot on a phone and in dim lighting to try and hide the effects of the stroke as much as possible although the one side of his face is clearly paralyzed.
    • Psych: Lassie Come Home was written with Timothy Omundson's condition in mind. In the film, Lassiter is injured, kicking off the plot and giving him a major role to play while minimizing the amount of physical exertion needed so that Omundson wouldn't be placed under too much strain.
    • Lassie Come Home had a smaller budget than The Movie, so the writers decided to avoid turning it into an "event" and make it more like an extra-long episode.
  • Romance on the Set: James Roday (Shawn) and Maggie Lawson (Jules) dated for the duration of the show's original run.
  • Schedule Slip: Lassie Come Home was supposed to debut in December, 2019, but has been pushed back to July, 2020.
  • Separated-at-Birth Casting: Liam James, who plays Young Shawn (seasons 1-5), is a dead ringer for James Roday. He also absolutely nails his performance as the Shawn we all know and love in perfect miniature.
    • Also John Cena (as Juliet's brother) has a surprising resemblance to Maggie Lawson.
  • Throw It In!: When shooting the pilot, James Roday grabbed a pineapple that happened to a part of the set dressing and ad-libbed "Should I slice this up for the road?" and this off-the-cuff action resulted in Shawn's obsession with pineapples and a years-long gag where pineapples were hidden throughout the show for fans to find on their screens.
  • Trope Namer: For This Bear Was Framed.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • There was some discussion about having Eliot Spencer from Leverage be Shawn's cousin. This was rendered moot when Leverage was explicitly mentioned as being a fictional show in the Psych universe. Eventually, both Psych and Leverage instead became Mutually Fictional for each other.
    • During production of Season 6, Dulé Hill said they might do a second Dual Spires episode, but it didn't pan out.
      • Relatedly, "Heeeeere's Lassie!" originally started out as an Homage to Clue before the lead actor the cast wanted for the episode had to drop out, with James Roday then deciding to rework the entire episode as a Whole Plot Reference to The Shining. And speaking of "Heeeeere's Lassie!", Shawn was originally going to be chased by Ax-Crazy Lassiter instead of Gus, but due to both Roday being the episode's director and it being determined that Dulé Hill could do a much funnier impersonation of Shelley Duvall than Roday could, it was changed to being Gus. The early drafts of the script also had Gus and Shawn showing legitimate psychic ability by having Gus "shine" to Shawn instead of just texting him, but they wanted to keep the episode grounded and so it was scrapped.
    • Season 8 originally had eight episodes filmed and was in the process of writing five more scripts. Unfortunately, their budget was only enough to film two of those episodes to which they set up a poll to let fans decide which ones they would like to see the most.
  • Word of Saint Paul: In response to a question on Twitter about why Shassie (Lassie/Shawn) wasn't canon, Timothy Omundson said "Who says it wasn't?!"[1]


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