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Trivia / Psicosis

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  • Fan Nickname: When he returned to AAA and began feuding with the AAA's Psicosis, fans nicknamed him "Psicosis I" and the imposter "Psicosis II".
  • Real Song Theme Tune:
  • What Could Have Been:
    • His short lived one-man-rage against Raven's Flock when former enemy Ultimo Dragon helped him fend off the stable. Only the WCW bookers lost interest in the angle, then buried him to Perry Saturn 2 weeks later. And his Cruiserweight Title run, which was supposed to be lengthy until Vince Russo decided to start deliberately having the titles change hands continually.
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    • While Psicosis was in training, bookers allegedly considered not just making him a member of the Misterio family, but actually giving him the Rey Misterio, Jr. gimmick. However, they decided to make him Rey Jr.'s arch rival instead...

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