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Trivia / Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

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  • The Other Darrin: Due to the game being dubbed in Britain, some of the characters' voice actors are different from the U.S. dubs.
    • Phoenix Wright is voiced by Trevor White instead of Sam Riegel.
    • Luke Triton is voiced by Maria Darling, his voice actor in the U.K. dubs, instead of Lani Minella, his voice actor in the U.S. dubs.
    • For the Japanese version of the game, Takayuki Kondo and Satomi Hanamura do not reprise their roles as Phoenix and Maya. That honor goes to Hiroki Narimiya and Mirei Kiritani, their actors from the live-action film.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The announcement trailer features a lot of elements that were either changed or removed from the story over the course of development, including:
      • Luke in his prequel trilogy outfit because the team was still deciding if they should include Emmy. Ultimately, they decided not to and shifted the game's timeline forward a bit.
      • Phoenix and Layton openly disliking each other from the start, with the Professor acting as a prosecutor for Espella early in the story.
      • A group of hooded townspeople chasing Espella through the night, Torches and Pitchforks in hand.
      • Different designs for most other characters, including a much more youthful Storyteller.
      • The whole "how could you have known what's in a book you never read" element. The concept of the book containing the entire past, present, and future history of Labyrinthia exists, but isn't used in that way.
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    • The art book contains concept sketches for "dark" counterparts of both Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright, Labyrinthian attire for Edgeworth and Larry, and a robotic Layton. There were also very early plans to have Professor Layton characters drawn in Ace Attorney's art style, and vice versa.
    • Espella's original design featured an armored gauntlet she'd use to hide some kind of brand she recieved for being accused of witchcraft, but the designers thought that made her look too much like a warrior, so it was removed.
    • According to the notes on the concept art you unlock via download, Eve the cat was originally planned to be a hallucination, only existing in Espella's head due to her damaged memories of the Great Fire, and only Espella would have been able to see her, but this was deemed too sad.
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    • The famous Phoenix on a horse art is never seen in game. It is given a small nod, though: when you examine the horses out in the forest, Maya wants to know what it will take to get Phoenix on one, no matter what!

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