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Trivia / Pro Wrestling ZERO1

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  • Career Resurrection:
    • The whole promotion was conceived with this in mind, in order to rehabilitate Shinya Hashimoto's career after having been mistreated by New Japan Pro-Wrestling's booking. It pretty much worked, as Hashimoto was even planning a return to NJPW (though it is unknown if permanent or not) before he died.
    • ZERO-ONE also revitalized the careers of several Battlarts wrestlers and, for a short time, even their very promotion. Some of its starts even stayed in ZERO after the second Battlarts fell.
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    • In The New '10s, the promotion also served to refloat the careers of TARU and Takuya Sugi, two former Toryumon wrestlers ousted from pro wrestling due to crimes.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Before debuting in ZERO-ONE, Nathan Jones was originally going to do Kickboxing for K-1, and actually trained in the Seidokaikan dojo under Nobuaki Kakuda in order to prepare. However, he had to back out due to visa problems, and after clearing it up he ended up settling down for pro wrestling.
    • Tatsuhito Takaiwa was going to compete in a MMA fight in DEEP against Ikuhisa Minowa, who had promised to use Takaiwa's Death Valley driver some day in MMA, but ZERO-ONE shut down the idea, fearing that Tatsuhito's aura would suffer if he was defeated (and he would have, given that the matchup was literally a rookie vs. veteran affair).
    • Mark Kerr was originally brought to feud with Shinya Hashimoto, but his first works for ZERO-ONE showed he was in very bad shape and not completely interested in honing his skills. Upon seeing this, the company aborted the plans and released him.
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    • Ryoji Sai, a former mixed martial artist himself, was going to compete in K-1 at several points, but schedule troubles impeded it every time.

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