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Trivia / Prince of Persia

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  • Killer App: Linus Torvalds cited the game as the reason Linux supports dual booting. He wanted to work on the kernel and be able to play Prince of Persia at the same time, so he made sure it was possible to run both Linux and DOS on the same machine. The ability to dual-boot in turn was cited as a major reason Linux took off, as users wouldn't have to give up their DOS/Windows operating systems in order to try a Linux distro. This was important as Linux lacked support for commercial games until Valve announced Ubuntu support for Steam.
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  • Multi-Disc Work: The DOS version that uses 5.25'' disks has two of them.
  • Port Overdosed: As mentioned on the main page, the game has been ported on a huge amount of systems since its first release. First on personal computers, then on consoles and finally on mobile. It even got unofficial ports.
  • Sleeper Hit: The game was not a big hit at first, but sold steadily through word of mouth and rave reviews in gaming publications.


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